Sunday, August 21, 2016

Freshman students into the campus of Chongqing credit lost has used more than

Chongqing morning post reported on August 22, this summer, was supposed to be 19 years old big boy You Gang (a pseudonym), home and family time, but his phone is always unanswered, my family does not know where he is, doing what. He left his family, teachers, and students, increasing only reminders of payment messages and are worried about their situation.

"Is he ' campus credit ' on a borrowed the money to victims of ... ..." stepmother, feeling, don't know how to help the tide was so cute son. At present, family members, teachers and classmates are still kept looking for him.

Family story: first take 1800 Yuan RMB 6000

You Gang on a town in Chongqing in the hometown of Zhou, and his mother died a few months, with Grandma lived to the age of 9. That year, his father met his stepmother from Hunan Chen.

Stepmother in Chen's eyes, this son of cute boys, and the results were decent. Because of special circumstances You Gang often in town contact handling work to support their family. However, starting in 2015 after college, he was somewhat unusual.

In April, she received a text message: You Gang in some borrowing software on borrowed money, loan companies reminder message strong, not let You Gang to prison. Chen for the first time to call her son's phone verification, You Gang admitted at the loan company to borrow money, saying it was "beginning last year, mobile phone is broken buy new phone only to borrow money".

You Gang said, was borrowed 1800 Yuan, interest rises later are not on and the constant reminder of the company. In April, the lender sends reminder messages to Ms Chen's phone, parents and teachers to be seen. Ms Chan has consulted You Gang counselor, ultimately borrowed from the outside working aunt You Gang 6000 Yuan, has risen to 5988.92 on the loan.

To the beginning of July school holidays, You Gang no home telephone went unanswered. Ms Chan heard by classmates, children doing part-time jobs to earn money. Although skeptical, Chen also make phone calls, send text messages to the child persuaded him, but swimming was not answering the telephone did not return messages.

Two days ago, Chen received a text message: "" Pat loan "Hello, Sir/Madam, unable to contact your friends/family You Gang, they are seriously overdue Pat loan borrowing if it unable to make repayments......"

Ms Chan You Gang classmates heard: he borrowed more than 2000 Yuan, because the overdue amount has more than 5000 Yuan. "I hear it's just he borrowed a pen, how much to borrow, we really can't imagine. "Ms Chan and You Gang a father is handicapped, and eating the low, really can't think of how to help the child.

Counselor telling: he spent more than 10 kinds of lending software

Yesterday, the Chongqing Morning Post reporter contacted You Gang counselor, hechuan district of Chongqing University mathematics teachers professional counselor Lin Zhenxu, said tour just borrow things, Lin was moved to ask: "how many times I talked to him about it, but kids don't listen. "

Lin said, You Gang of borrowing too much in arrears for the first time after the incident, he found swimming just downloaded more than more than 10 borrowing software, all aimed at schools "credits on campus" software. Lin was also in the presence of parents, paid off all of its debts.

On reasons for borrowing You Gang, Lin understanding that: You Gang played a girlfriend, "may's spending in this regard is not small". While in school, he failed course, "our seven courses, he hung up on the four-door, professional class hung up. "

Lin said that swim just relatively cute, both teachers and parents to communicate with him, he promised each of them individually, a "very teachable."

Because failed, Lin You Gang and having represented the school parents, would like him to take a year off, "society to experience, how hard to earn money, you should cherish life. "However, in July after the holidays, Lin has not been seen or contacted him again.

Students involved: phone always unanswered

According to Lin and Chen's call, the phone of the journalist repeatedly dialed You Gang, although can dial but no answer. "He may be worried that, if the collection of phone. "Ms Chan said bitterly.

As of press time, the phone of the journalist repeatedly dialed You Gang, and message identification, but the phone is still in a State of no answer. Xinhua News Agency investigations a buy Web site

(Parties Department of student pseudonym)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Nu fan female guide in Yunnan Beijing women tourists were arrested tour guide

On August 12, the evening news reporter was informed that the municipal Public Security Bureau in tengchong tourism tourist beaten with police disposal tour guides, visitors involved in administrative detention.

12th 10:20, the Brigade tengyue informed the police station said: "just got a travel guide in tengchong Yang alarm, called Qi Luo Shang, tengyue town, tengchong hot sea Silk Road jade Jasper company shop process, visitors had a mouth, asked police to help deal with. "

After receiving the report, the brigade police field survey, around 10 o'clock, visitors-far (female, aged 32, Dongcheng District, Beijing people) Emerald with the Mission of the company cell phone footage video shops to visit the shopping process, guided Yang found discouraging. Luke a does not listen to advice, quarrel with guided Yang, dispute Luxembourg had guided Yang left cheek slap, will also come to stop the employees he right hand bite, after being separated from the presence of all.

Civilian police for allegedly assaulting another person summoned Roh to segmented visitors Vault City Public Security Bureau police station zone for handling inquiries, Lu admitted beating guide Yang, bitten Qi Luo Shang Mao Silk Road Jasper violations of employees where the right hand is true. Evening news reporter from the Brigade on a copy of the surveillance video of the company clearly sees this process.

Lu approved penalties, visitor. This pictures are Chuncheng evening news

According to tengchong city hospital in expert testimony showed that Yang left his face soft tissue injury, he caused the right hand contusion of skin.

Tengchong, the municipal Public Security Bureau approved, in accordance with the battering the tourists Lu made a 3rd punishment in administrative detention. Currently the law-visitors-far had approved this decision, detention, was taken to tengchong implementation of administrative detention.

Dang reporter line injured guide Dr a, calls soon she on in phone in choked up, said himself and family are think is grievance, fundamental unexpected she will shots injury people, is preparedness are no on heavy to got has a slap, immediately on burning of pain, soon on swelling up, to now ice enough has times are also no completely swelling, also serious effect to rest. But after the event know that tourists coming from afar to be detained, suddenly could not bear, and immediately withdrawing the request. In this connection, handling travel police have confirmed to reporters, it is withdrawing the request if the circumstances, but the law is no laughing matter. Single women are the husband high insurance insurance

According to police investigators travel to the introduction of police, according to Lu a harm many people judge, detained for 3 days is the lightest punishment, only minor corrections or detention of 5th too much.

And Mall employees he is full of injustice, he was just kind advise, hoping to avoid trouble, but was bitten. At present, Yang and HO's injuries are no big deal, and rest at home.

The handling of this case, effectively maintaining the guides and tourism practitioners of the legitimate rights and interests and tengchong good tourism order.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Panda TV response to live Shuttle flight attendant without the passenger s consent

Official micro-blog, August 9 @ Beijing times, today (August 9) hole where a live platform said in a statement, anchorman of the recent Shuttle flight attendants live events, platform after investigation, the victim was broadcast without the consent of passengers involved, in-car footage broadcast. Platform to the flight attendant apologized, for the first time on the anchor to stop. Future platforms will increase the intensity of content regulation, put an end to such incidents.

Panda TV response to

Panda TV response to "candid camera flight attendant online live" micro-blog. Electronic invoice meets cold printing costs passed

Friday, August 5, 2016

300 refugees from Italy jumped into fleeing to France

Local time on August 5, 2016, Italy Ventimiglia, blocked about 300 refugees, despite the police, jumped into the sea and swam towards France. Dongfang IC Visit the only school children with AIDS such

300 refugees from Italy jumped into fleeing to France

Local time on August 5, 2016, Italy Ventimiglia, blocked about 300 refugees, despite the police, jumped into the sea and swam towards France. Picture the scene. Dongfang IC

300 refugees from Italy jumped into fleeing to France

Italy and France police tried to use tear gas to stop the refugees, but to no avail. Picture the scene. Dongfang IC

300 refugees from Italy jumped into fleeing to France

Figure as a refugee through police blocked, jumped into the sea. Dongfang IC

300 refugees from Italy jumped into fleeing to France

Before police station in the town of Ventimiglia border refugee group, tried to stop them. Dongfang IC

300 refugees from Italy jumped into fleeing to France

Figure for refugees in Italy border town of Ventimiglia. Dongfang IC

300 refugees from Italy jumped into fleeing to France

Picture the scene. Dongfang IC

Monday, August 1, 2016

Haikou a parking lot security guard OU owners 1 dead 1 injured 4 people were

Haikou, a parking lot security guard OU owners 1 dead, 1 injured: 4 people were arrested and 2 on the run

Diagram for the parking lot of the crime. South China Sea map

NET, the South China Sea South China Sea network client on August 1, due to parking problems, cause the parking lot fight between security guards and owners, resulting in an electric car owner was beaten to death by steel pipe, a car owners were injured. July 31, blue sky road, Haikou is located in a hotel parking lot near staged the tragic scene. On August 1, the Haikou meilan branch Public Security Bureau informed on the merits, currently cases on the day of the murder early detection, 4 suspects arrested and detained, two suspects at large, the police are pursuing.

A parking card made the murder, holding the murder weapon and beaten for security owners

According to Haikou meilan police informed on July 30 at about 10 o'clock in the evening, Wang Shun, from the qiongshan district, Haikou jiazizhen Long Mouwei, Hong Mouxiang three's company rode the electric car comes to Sky road, Haikou is located in one plus one to the bar. To the next day (July 31) at 30 min, Wang Shun and Hong Mouxiang to the river nearby parking for my car, but because the parking cards and security disputes of Yang, subsequently fighting on both sides. "Wang Shun, such as drinking more excited on the tone, which directly lead to conflict".

Then, Yang, Cai Moubing, Wu Mousi steel began to beat each other. Cai Moubing in the blue sky on a road near the Postal Bank and head a Hong Mouxiang wounded. Then, the victim, Wang Shun, Dragon a-d dial 120 injured Hong Mouxiang to the hospital for treatment.

During the Wang Shun left the hospital and returned to the parking lot to help another injured friend electric car taken away, unexpectedly, Wu Mousi found by security. "After the two sides clashed for the first time, car park security suspected that the other party will once again turn-revenge, so they prepared a knife, stick on the side of the grass. "Police investigators described, at this time, some countries, Cai Moubing, Wu Mousi YEUNG, Cai Mouze," my ", who immediately hand ready to knife, steel tube surrounded by Wang Shun, apart from anything else to beat them, Wang Shun was wounded ran to dayingshan West Junction lies not in front of a food court.

4 suspects arrested, police pursuing 2 fugitives

"The day of 3:6 A.M., after receiving the alarm, we rushed to the scene and saw Wang Shun (male, 34 years old, Haikou, qiongshan people) body, blood and body with stab wounds and a stick injury, has died. Police investigators described, after the incident, Mei Lan stations set up a task force, all investigating overnight by the site visit or obtain information, the Panel considered that the corpse finds place is not the place, the second is near the parking lot of a hotel. Troubleshooting, close to the hotel in a parking lot security guard has a significant criminal suspect and the suspect on the spot Cai Moubing (male, 22 years old, Wanning people) and security team leader Wu Mouzhi (male, 29 years old, Wanning one) catch, Cai Moubing on the night of the murder with some countries, Wu Mousi, Cai Mouze, Yang "my" confessed the crime of intentionally harming others. Day 14 o'clock, criminal suspect Yang (male, 25 years old, Wanning people), Wu Mousi (male, 22 years old, Wanning people) to Mei Lan the police surrendered.

At present, the police have targeted two criminal suspects at large Cai Mouze and "my" and once again called on fugitive suspects, surrendered himself to police as soon as possible, seeking leniency. At present, the case is under further investigation. Network MLM wear micro coat five pyramid schemes

Thursday, July 28, 2016

2 and half years old boy left behind after getting lost was found killed on

2 and half years old boy left behind after getting lost was found killed on the mountain, the suspect is looking for grandmother caused by heat stroke

Police and villagers search for boys. Chutian metropolis daily

According to the chutian metropolis news, in Wuxue, Hubei Mei town after a 2 years old boy was missing, after local policemen and cadres and the masses to a day of searching, found the remains on the mountain after 700 meters from home. It is speculated that the child is looking for Grandma, died of heat stroke in hot weather. Little life that died was sighing!

10:22 A.M. July 27, meichuan Wuxue Public Security Bureau police station received a report, said Mei Chuanzhen Lu Zizhen Huan, a two and a half years old boy was missing. After receiving the police report, Meichuan party and Government attach great importance to quickly make working class and police rushed to the scene and promptly get in touch with the boy's grandfather.

Upon request: two-and-half mountain (a pseudonym), parents working outside, its taken care of by my grandpa and Grandma. About 8:30 A.M. 27th, grandma was watching TV at home by mountain, their out to water the vegetable garden, grandfather went to work in the fields. After about an hour or so later, Grandma grandson came home to find out, they started looking for in Huan has been unable to find, will report to a local police station. Prairie road turned into a scenic spot tickets

Police and village cadre group of villagers in the town in search of, to search the village are prone to dangerous places, several fish ponds after NET searches have not found until about 7:30, cotton at home more than 700 meters behind the hill country to find a mountain of corpses.

After Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade of forensic identification, ruled out foul play, Hill's cause of death was multiple organ failure due to heat stroke and death. Because the parents of the deceased working outside, on the way back, police station and town and village to find his uncle and family representatives, through forensic explained to its mountain of cause of death, the uncle of the deceased and their families on behalf of the death of a child has no objection.

Presumably, the mountains may think Grandma in the back of the Hill, went to the mountains to find Grandma, but the hot weather, mountain Sun collapsed, short little life that died.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Old College men claiming to be the gang robbed students of Hunan Province the

Changsha 45-year old Zhou Jianguo (not her real name) are unemployed for a long time, smoking is like gambling, drinking, he never came up with the money to play "mafia boss" and roadblocks imposed on students. Excuses "shoes have been trampled," he repeated "errors" on middle school students and 6 times in a row, the "gangster" was planted in the hands of the police. At the trial, usually "fierce" black boss has admitted that "pupils have no money, college student and I can't handle it, only Rob students."

On July 24, the reporter learned from the Furong Wang station, Zhou Jianguo was detained by police for suspected robbery.

Rob routine to "shoes were crushed" by threats and intimidation

High school student Xu Qiang height 1.7-meter, wearing glasses, a look of childlike, looks very weak, he is sixth Zhou Jianguo robbery "prey". The afternoon of July 19, Xu Qiang to complete a training course, standing near the Jiefang West Road junction bus, suddenly a middle-aged man wearing a checked shirt and slapped him on the shoulder, "Ouch, you stepped on my foot, I buy a bottle of water. "Xu Qiang looked up and saw, a burly middle-aged man was ferociously stared at him, Xu Qiang quickly apologized to the man, the man told him to buy a bottle of water to wash their shoes, and threatened not to buy water in his face.

Xu Qiang and immediately prepared to take money, men have changed tone, "you go find a faucet to wash shoes with me. "Xu Qiang escorted the men to a relatively small number of lanes. "How much money do you have? "Men and show one's horns, Xu Qiang nervously said," not much money ".

Man lowered his voice and said, "I just see the money in your wallet, get out, or get stabbed you. "Xu Qiang head Word, men and strengthen the tone," I am around this generation of the boss ' tiger ', public security, armed police had to face, get money out. "Subsequently, the men ordered Xu Qiang and took out all the money, after a gun ran away, being scared silly Xu Qiang and they return to God to call the police. After receiving the police, Wang in Furong Branch police station via a video track, July 21, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon in a captured the robbery in the district East of Yuhua district, near man Zhou Jianguo.

Crime features high school students choose looks weak start

"I usually find about 15 years old, looked weak Ah junior high school students. "Zhou Jianguo account, his main pedestrian mall near target, will observe more than half an hour before the crime, and then select the targets. Zhou Jianguo introduces himself is stepping on shoes, just looking for an excuse to intimidate students. "Find target, I'll Pat him on the shoulder, said he stepped on my foot, and then intimidated them. "

Zhou Jianguo said that every time when the target is found, he claims to be a bully "Tiger man", was fast and local police, and threatened even before stepping on his feet and stabbed him to death, but just buy him a bottle of water and buy a pack of cigarettes. Fear, victims are often promised Zhou Jianguo requests. When the victim opened her purse,, Zhou Jianguo will take the opportunity to observe how much money, if only dozens of Yuan, Zhou Jianguo water smoke leave if more money, Zhou Jianguo will threaten each other and committing a robbery. Youth focus money gone bad detention before the

Reporters learned in late June to July, Zhou Jianguo that each Division of Jiefang West Road gate, near the pedestrian streets and junctions, da road Metro Line 2 Wuyi square station and splendid, near the Central walking Street and Tao Tao food street intersections, such as implementation of the modus operandi of 6, involving about 300 yuan.

"Boss" the story behind the

Drug addicts had a criminal record, the daughter was in high school

Police introduced Chen Xiaocheng Wang, Zhou Jianguo was a vagrant, had with a drug record, businesses rely on wife in one operation. Recently, quarreled with his wife, no money, so the idea of robbing students. She knew that her husband after the robbery, Zhou Jianguo wives feel incredible, usually she will give her husband some money, didn't expect him to do something so extreme.

At the trial, Zhou Jianguo said, "I have a 15 year old daughter, now in high school, and the thought of her, feel that they should not be treated as the children (robbed). "