Thursday, September 1, 2016

Republic of Guizhou residence by developer one night demolitions excavator construction

Republic of Guizhou residence by developer one-night demolitions, excavator construction of roller compacted sites continues to

Dragon House houses old. Guizhou Provincial Cultural Heritage Bureau photo

The China Youth daily, September 2, built in the first year of the long House disappears overnight.

Inform the National Heritage Board on August 30, the Dragon House is a cultural relic protection units in Dushan County, Guizhou province, on August 19 this year around 20 o'clock was forcibly demolished. Dragon House houses the whole rectangular closed courtyard, covering an area of about 600 square meters, between the main building faces and eight, into the two-room, two-story brick and wood building model for local residential architecture in the late Qing dynasty, has a high heritage value. Xinhua News Agency asked the incentives behind

"A serious loss of cultural relics, alarming consequences, suspected of crimes, mass difficult to accept! "Secretary of State Bureau of cultural relics supervision 24 characters for Liu Mingwei expressed the attitude of the case.

National Heritage Board's briefing also showed, were removed and Guizhou Silver Dragon House is like heaven and Earth real estate development company limited (hereinafter "Silver like the universe"), this company imported from Dushan County Government, is Dragon houses adjacent to plots of land development and construction of "central city" real estate projects.

Courtyard with hundreds of years of history why not stop the madness of excavator? • Youth online reporter of China Youth daily in Dushan County investigation.

The night hidden in the Centennial courtyard was illegally demolished

Dushan County historic relic Administration Director Pan Guangping, August 19, received a report from the masses call, "Dragon House houses to be demolished. "Pan Guangping and his colleagues immediately rushed to the scene.

"The iron gate of the construction site is open. "Pan Guangping headed straight for the Dragon House houses run. In the field, Pan Guangping saw a drilling machine drilling, "blasting the posture they are unto the House of the Dragon House".

Pan Guangping tried to stop construction workers to continue with the work, but failed. "It is the heritage cannot be removed. "This is Pan Guangping said most of the word in the field.

Construction Pan Guangping, head not found, only to ask, and finally a worker telling him a call from Wang, in charge, Pan Guangping immediately took out the phone and dialed the last, in which Wang said their meeting in the field in the afternoon back in Dushan County, immediately go to heritage management consulting solutions.

"Waited until after work, he did not come. "Pan Guangping said.

20:15 Xu, Pan Guangping second telephone call received. More than 10 minutes later, arrived at the home of old Pan Guangping of Mongolia: in a couple of roaring excavators, hundred year old courtyard has been turned into ruins.

"We were prepared to take pictures with cell phones to preserve evidence, but it was too dark. "Pan Guangping says he called police at 110.

And construction sites separated by a wall of Hua Ting garden cleaning lady Lin (not his real name) the memory • green online reporter of China Youth daily, August 19, at 20 o'clock or so, construction suddenly became very loud, I clearly heard the sound of broken tiles.

"The excavator arm raised over and over again and to hit below, excavators will forward a while back. "Lin says, looking across the walls of the community, slowly the old House into a mess of rubble," but just a few hit No, nothing! "

Stunned pity on the one hand, on the one hand his own way. After police arrived, took the excavator driver.

The next morning, descendants of Dragon House from hole in the wall of the site moved out of the House some of the old things, "basically have nothing, only the three or four piers stands out a little, it can carry two people. "A security guard at the scene told reporters.

Republic of Guizhou residence by developer one-night demolitions, excavator construction of roller compacted sites continues to

Dragon House houses were completely destroyed.

Excavator construction of roller compacted sites continues to

Removed after the incident, national heritage Board promptly wrote to the Guizhou Provincial people's Government, proposed to entrust the Dushan County, qiannan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture, the Government set up a group, seriously dealt with according to law, units and personnel suspected of criminal offences, criminal responsibility, implementation of responsibility investigation system for life to be protected, hold territorial and administrative responsibilities of the Government.

September 1, China Youth reported • in the Green online reporter in was destroyed of Dragon home houses ruins Shang see, "central city" project site about has 4 a football size, site Central high of crane up, 3 Taiwan excavator is cleanup soil, 5 Taiwan truck is for transit, construction scaffolding is up built, ground messy to pendulum with four or five a oil barrels, all kinds of machine constantly issued noisy of voice, workers also in site in back and forth run, site faction busy scene, see not out is for of survey on construction has what effect.

Behind the houses on the original site of the "central city" project has built more houses, every House about 30 floors. Project site on the wall, which is covered with various "central city" of advertising. "Create a feast of core business of wealth" "brings together elite Dushan, leading urban fashion life" slogans such as exception stands out.

• Youth online reporter of China Youth daily check out silver as the universe concerned the financial information of the company showed that the company was set up in 2012, is a company set up for reconstruction of shantytown in Dushan County at that time, and the focus of local investment companies. "Central city" project is the company's first development project, the project covers an area of over 50,000 square meters, total construction area of more than 400,000 square meters, "project development fully reflected in the General Dushan County, the County Government set the theme and essence." Reporters noted that the "central city" project into a shanty from 2013 to 2017 the country's 10 million project, as one of the 100 city complex project in Guizhou province.

China Youth Daily: China Youth online reporters discovered, named Luo Jian, Chairman of the company's legal person and, according to media reports, Luo Jian was also Chairman of companies in Guangxi, and Dushan County, Luo Jian, took part in ceremony of other key projects.

Reporter Luo Jian telephone calls has not been connected. Silver as the universe Web page named TAM Manager left a mobile phone and fixed phone number cannot be reached.

Insurance Department sent a letter to be ignored

Pan Guangping says, from the "central city" start start of the project, the County Department contact between company and silver like the universe is more and more frequently.

Pan Guangping said Dushan 1944 the Japanese attack, the County fire lasted for a week, the Dragon House is a rare surviving complete residential, over hundreds of years have had no "central city" project construction site operations such as blasting, drilling, excavation, demolition, the main building safety problems.

China Youth reported • in the Green online reporter saw a copies Dushan County, culture and tourism official to silver as universe company issued of "alone paper Brigade letter [2015]15," communications, sent Yu December 9, 2015 of communications in the stated, construction party in construction engineering or blasting, and drilling, and mining, and demolition, job Qian should to Dushan County, heritage competent sector provides heritage security protection measures, and reported Dushan County, Government approved Hou again line construction.

This letter did not get a reply, said Pan Guangping, in July this year, Dragon House houses a small area of the wall collapsed.

In a report dated July 27, 2016 heritage fire safety inspection record form clearly wrote that the Dragon House houses around the surrounding houses, there are exposed wires and insecurity.

Zhihou, Pan Guangping inspection found the Dragon House collapse continues to expand the scope of residential walls, was expanded to 12 meters. On August 5, Dushan County culture and tourism to silver like heaven sent to order the rectification notice, require the company to immediately repair the collapsed walls.

On August 11, Dushan County, Dushan County culture and tourism and heritage jointly issued by the management, the second company to order the rectification notice to silver like the universe.

On August 24, Dushan County culture and Tourism Bureau sent a letter to silver like the universe company, require the company to stop in Dushan County-level cultural relic protection units "Dragon House" in-situ construction notification. On August 29, arrived in Dushan, Guizhou Provincial Cultural Heritage Bureau, the Working Group on the ground when viewing excavators are still parked on the ruins of the old courtyard.

"Warning, warn, block, failed to convince them to stop unlawful acts. "Zou Yuanqing, Director of Guizhou Provincial Administration of cultural heritage regulatory said.

Was listed as a national heritage board overseeing the case

At present, the State Bureau of cultural relics has included the case of "heritage legal violations special rectification action" first handling cases, national heritage Board hopes that through this campaign, Stern by the organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions implementing criminal cases of relics to correct violations to curb corporate law-breaking cases a high trend of cultural relics.

Deputy researcher Peng Lei of the China National Institute of cultural heritage in the years of research found that in old city reconstruction and new rural construction, urban districts in the process of demolition, by the organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions to implement criminal cases is a high trend of cultural relics, "these corporate law is more common."

"A lot of House, relic protection sites had been pulled down, and there is no way to remedy. "Peng Lei pointed out that some local governments did not realize the importance of heritage conservation work, especially under the influence of local factors such as GDP-driven, economic development, urban construction, planning and conservation issues were ignored in.

Peng Lei said that cultural relics departments have responsibility of heritage preservation, but in access to cultural relics when the construction sector and developers have more direct authority, "the developers be removed overnight, cultural relics departments find it difficult to respond quickly." Peng Lei think, should further requirements local governments the inclusion of heritage conservation assessment.

Raised in the special rectification action, the State Bureau of cultural relics, cases of alleged negligent accountable administrative responsibility, implementation of responsibility investigation system for life to be protected; suspected of unit crime cases transferred to judicial organs for public security criminal organizers, planners, implementers; repeated illegal credit business, into the social credit system, implementing joint multi-sectoral collaborative supervision and disciplinary.

Zou Yuanqing said that the present public security organs have stepped in long houses were demolished, "our position is very clear: to handle the case, and is in accordance with the law, and will not tolerate compromise. "

(This article was originally titled a Republic in Dushan County, Guizhou province houses were overnight demolition by developers)

Monday, August 29, 2016

China should severely punish acts of pollution of the marine environment of

China should severely punish acts of pollution of the marine environment of the proposed day is counted as no maximum penalty

Photo: network

Today, NPC Standing Committee first consider draft amendments to the law of marine environmental protection, compared with the existing law of marine environmental protection, increased to modify individual provisions in draft article 9. Efforts to increase penalties for pollution of the marine environment, increasing on a daily penalty, closure, closure and other sanctions.

Relative Yu existing marine environmental protection method, draft in the canceled has originally provides of fine amounts limit (20,000 yuan above 100,000 yuan following), increased by day meter penalty, ordered closed, and close, punishment measures; increased on Enterprise about responsibility personnel of punishment; on coast engineering construction project not law for environment effect evaluation of legal responsibility and environment effect evaluation method for convergence sex provides; improve on caused marine pollution accident behavior of punishment efforts, canceled 300,000 yuan of fine ceiling, According to accident fined respectively directly from 20% and 30%.

Existing marine environment protection law was enacted in 1982, amended in 1999 to 2013 have on individual provisions have been modified according to the requirements of the national decentralization. Eco-Environmental Protection Division Director of State Oceanic Administration has introduced since its 18 major, national level for promoting the construction of ecological culture and ecological civilization reform made new deployment, the new requirements of the Central Government on the marine ecological environment, some of the provisions of the marine environmental protection law needs to be amended accordingly. Make sure the responsibilities of marine environmental protection, strengthening the assessment of all levels of Government; ecological compensation, red line, regional limited batch has been implemented and effective policy into law strengthened legal liability, increase penalties for pollution.

In the past for a long time, with the increase of land-sourced pollutants the mass, including the large-area pollution incidents such as oil spills at sea amid higher costs and increase the penalties for acts of pollution of the marine environment of proposals there.

In 2014, Xing Kezhi at the time attending the Tianjin agricultural college Dean made clear that marine pollution from the existing low costs than in other countries. In 2008, after implementation of the pollution prevention and control law, the overweight should pay sewage charges and sewage 2 to 5 times the amount of the fine, and no Cap. Marine environment protection law remain in fine of 20,000 to 100,000 yuan level. "The huge differences in the formation of environmental law on administrative punishments, there will be tilted to the sea, resulting in the steady deterioration in the quality of the marine environment. "In addition, Xing Kezhi also pointed out that current laws and regulations focusing on industrial pollution prevention, pollution prevention, life in the River into the sea pollution, aquaculture as well as contamination of regulations is weak, even blank. Marine ecology and biodiversity protection provisions are not operable. Especially for marine ecological damage and compensation legislation gaps, resulting in some new marine eco-environment problems solve.

Party Song Wei, Deputy Party Secretary of the Ningbo city people's Congress Standing Committee in 2014, the people's daily in an article written, but proposes to raise the fine standards, also suggested a clear legal responsibility of sewage treatment enterprises in coastal towns. Song Wei said the company sea of sub-standard sewage discharged urban wastewater treatment plant, is a more common phenomenon enterprises in coastal cities. But the current lack of targeted by the marine environment protection law of the forbidden and the penalties, lack laws need to be made up.

Also for the "marine pollution costs" problem. Has been involved in marine ecology research development research center under the State Council resource and environmental policy Chang Jiwen, Deputy Director of the Institute said in an interview with the business daily, effective use of fines, according to the daily punishment, within a time limit, shall be ordered to stop production, limiting the legal means, established by daily fined for penalties, for heads of enterprises with annual income of fines. China News weekly flood investigation in Anhui

Meanwhile, Chang Jiwen also pointed out that to deepen the marine environmental protection regulators or the illegal construction of the supervision system of accountability, and resigning system should be established, and established people's Government work report to the national people's Congress at the same level of marine environmental protection system. For serious breach of marine environmental protection regulations, but do not constitute a crime, administrative detention responsibilities can be set.

In addition, according to the people's Congress news network, the additional draft amendments to the new environmental protection law system interface. The emphasis on total discharge of major pollutants exceeds waters or waters that are not complete marine environmental protection goals and tasks, limited approval of implementation of environmental impact assessment; increasing to establish a sound compensation system for marine ecological protection, ecological protection should be strictly observed and the exploitation and utilization of marine resources provisions of the red line.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A old man strong through the tracks in Hunan province fell temporary auxiliary

A old man strong through the tracks in Hunan province fell, temporary auxiliary police rescue twice, both were hit and killed

To hit the old man's son.

The morning of August 23, Zhuzhou, Hunan province, near the North Station on the railway line, in Zhuzhou North Station station auxiliaries Tang Zihua saved fell to the man on the tracks, unfortunately both were hit and killed. On August 25, Changsha railway security staff told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), Tang Zihua save people killed are killed, and according to what criteria compensation, at present Changsha railway Public Security Department and the Guangzhou Railway Group Corporation joint security monitoring room to deal with the matter. Local officials in Phoenix on city charges six

Incident in Zhuzhou North Station Shanghai-Kunming line a railway near the train station. August 23 8:40, 71 years old Chen Fenge crossing the railway track fell to the tracks, the train was heading from Changsha to shaoshan, is inspected on the railway after Tang Zihua, stepped forward to try to drag outside the railway scheme for the elderly. Netizen says save failed for the first time, try a second time to save the two men was hit by a train and killed: after the impact, the old man was dragged dozens of meters, Tang Zihua was hit on the side of the railway.

August 24, Hunan province Zhuzhou Public Security Bureau through official micro-Bo @ Zhuzhou police introduced, at Tang Zihua, auxiliary police in railway Shang inspections, after incident crossing Shi, ahead just has train to has, auxiliary police on keep in crossing stop pedestrian through, but Chen Fenge elderly forced through railway, and in railway Middle suddenly fell has a falls; Tang Zihua run past prepared put she drag to railway outside, results people also didn't drag out, train has to has front, two people spot was hit death.

@ Zhuzhou public security introduced in Zhuzhou North Station station auxiliaries Tang Zihua is 51 years old, yiyang, Hunan people in 1989, after his discharge in Zhuzhou North Station stations became the first defense team (auxiliary police) and temporary jobs for minority hold so far. Tang Zihua's family lives in a low, simple brick houses, sell Bento lovers in the House scrambled crossing officers supplement the family income.

@ Zhuzhou police say a police officer of the police said, it was an accident by saving. On August 25, Changsha railway Public Security Department told the word news, Tang Zihua died saving belongs to by duty, not qualitative.

In 2014, 9 departments such as the Ministry of Civil Affairs launched the people's police pension benefits regulations, police was named the martyrs, died while on duty, family members of a one-time pension for the previous year, urban residents ' per capita disposable income 20 times and I am 40 months wages.

Public information, defense team is led by the public security police organization, carried out patrol duty, blocking card, wait for the prevention and suppression of criminal activities, meet the Group of police stations to maintain law and order. So families of auxiliary police officers can follow the proper standard police receive State pensions?

Zhan Wei, Professor of police administration in June 2015, Chinese people's public security University told the legal daily, said in an interview, current system is still not perfect for auxiliary police officers, auxiliary police officer public casualty, placement of pension can only be carried out under the work-related injury insurance regulations, you cannot reference the police measures on pensions and preferential treatments. According to the work-related injury insurance 37th article of the rules specified in the first paragraph, a one-time death benefit standard is 48 months to 60 months on the overall area of the annual average monthly wages of workers. Local laws and regulations according to local conditions in the one-time death benefit within the above ranges to determine the local standards.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Freshman students into the campus of Chongqing credit lost has used more than

Chongqing morning post reported on August 22, this summer, was supposed to be 19 years old big boy You Gang (a pseudonym), home and family time, but his phone is always unanswered, my family does not know where he is, doing what. He left his family, teachers, and students, increasing only reminders of payment messages and are worried about their situation.

"Is he ' campus credit ' on a borrowed the money to victims of ... ..." stepmother, feeling, don't know how to help the tide was so cute son. At present, family members, teachers and classmates are still kept looking for him.

Family story: first take 1800 Yuan RMB 6000

You Gang on a town in Chongqing in the hometown of Zhou, and his mother died a few months, with Grandma lived to the age of 9. That year, his father met his stepmother from Hunan Chen.

Stepmother in Chen's eyes, this son of cute boys, and the results were decent. Because of special circumstances You Gang often in town contact handling work to support their family. However, starting in 2015 after college, he was somewhat unusual.

In April, she received a text message: You Gang in some borrowing software on borrowed money, loan companies reminder message strong, not let You Gang to prison. Chen for the first time to call her son's phone verification, You Gang admitted at the loan company to borrow money, saying it was "beginning last year, mobile phone is broken buy new phone only to borrow money".

You Gang said, was borrowed 1800 Yuan, interest rises later are not on and the constant reminder of the company. In April, the lender sends reminder messages to Ms Chen's phone, parents and teachers to be seen. Ms Chan has consulted You Gang counselor, ultimately borrowed from the outside working aunt You Gang 6000 Yuan, has risen to 5988.92 on the loan.

To the beginning of July school holidays, You Gang no home telephone went unanswered. Ms Chan heard by classmates, children doing part-time jobs to earn money. Although skeptical, Chen also make phone calls, send text messages to the child persuaded him, but swimming was not answering the telephone did not return messages.

Two days ago, Chen received a text message: "" Pat loan "Hello, Sir/Madam, unable to contact your friends/family You Gang, they are seriously overdue Pat loan borrowing if it unable to make repayments......"

Ms Chan You Gang classmates heard: he borrowed more than 2000 Yuan, because the overdue amount has more than 5000 Yuan. "I hear it's just he borrowed a pen, how much to borrow, we really can't imagine. "Ms Chan and You Gang a father is handicapped, and eating the low, really can't think of how to help the child.

Counselor telling: he spent more than 10 kinds of lending software

Yesterday, the Chongqing Morning Post reporter contacted You Gang counselor, hechuan district of Chongqing University mathematics teachers professional counselor Lin Zhenxu, said tour just borrow things, Lin was moved to ask: "how many times I talked to him about it, but kids don't listen. "

Lin said, You Gang of borrowing too much in arrears for the first time after the incident, he found swimming just downloaded more than more than 10 borrowing software, all aimed at schools "credits on campus" software. Lin was also in the presence of parents, paid off all of its debts.

On reasons for borrowing You Gang, Lin understanding that: You Gang played a girlfriend, "may's spending in this regard is not small". While in school, he failed course, "our seven courses, he hung up on the four-door, professional class hung up. "

Lin said that swim just relatively cute, both teachers and parents to communicate with him, he promised each of them individually, a "very teachable."

Because failed, Lin You Gang and having represented the school parents, would like him to take a year off, "society to experience, how hard to earn money, you should cherish life. "However, in July after the holidays, Lin has not been seen or contacted him again.

Students involved: phone always unanswered

According to Lin and Chen's call, the phone of the journalist repeatedly dialed You Gang, although can dial but no answer. "He may be worried that, if the collection of phone. "Ms Chan said bitterly.

As of press time, the phone of the journalist repeatedly dialed You Gang, and message identification, but the phone is still in a State of no answer. Xinhua News Agency investigations a buy Web site

(Parties Department of student pseudonym)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Nu fan female guide in Yunnan Beijing women tourists were arrested tour guide

On August 12, the evening news reporter was informed that the municipal Public Security Bureau in tengchong tourism tourist beaten with police disposal tour guides, visitors involved in administrative detention.

12th 10:20, the Brigade tengyue informed the police station said: "just got a travel guide in tengchong Yang alarm, called Qi Luo Shang, tengyue town, tengchong hot sea Silk Road jade Jasper company shop process, visitors had a mouth, asked police to help deal with. "

After receiving the report, the brigade police field survey, around 10 o'clock, visitors-far (female, aged 32, Dongcheng District, Beijing people) Emerald with the Mission of the company cell phone footage video shops to visit the shopping process, guided Yang found discouraging. Luke a does not listen to advice, quarrel with guided Yang, dispute Luxembourg had guided Yang left cheek slap, will also come to stop the employees he right hand bite, after being separated from the presence of all.

Civilian police for allegedly assaulting another person summoned Roh to segmented visitors Vault City Public Security Bureau police station zone for handling inquiries, Lu admitted beating guide Yang, bitten Qi Luo Shang Mao Silk Road Jasper violations of employees where the right hand is true. Evening news reporter from the Brigade on a copy of the surveillance video of the company clearly sees this process.

Lu approved penalties, visitor. This pictures are Chuncheng evening news

According to tengchong city hospital in expert testimony showed that Yang left his face soft tissue injury, he caused the right hand contusion of skin.

Tengchong, the municipal Public Security Bureau approved, in accordance with the battering the tourists Lu made a 3rd punishment in administrative detention. Currently the law-visitors-far had approved this decision, detention, was taken to tengchong implementation of administrative detention.

Dang reporter line injured guide Dr a, calls soon she on in phone in choked up, said himself and family are think is grievance, fundamental unexpected she will shots injury people, is preparedness are no on heavy to got has a slap, immediately on burning of pain, soon on swelling up, to now ice enough has times are also no completely swelling, also serious effect to rest. But after the event know that tourists coming from afar to be detained, suddenly could not bear, and immediately withdrawing the request. In this connection, handling travel police have confirmed to reporters, it is withdrawing the request if the circumstances, but the law is no laughing matter. Single women are the husband high insurance insurance

According to police investigators travel to the introduction of police, according to Lu a harm many people judge, detained for 3 days is the lightest punishment, only minor corrections or detention of 5th too much.

And Mall employees he is full of injustice, he was just kind advise, hoping to avoid trouble, but was bitten. At present, Yang and HO's injuries are no big deal, and rest at home.

The handling of this case, effectively maintaining the guides and tourism practitioners of the legitimate rights and interests and tengchong good tourism order.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Panda TV response to live Shuttle flight attendant without the passenger s consent

Official micro-blog, August 9 @ Beijing times, today (August 9) hole where a live platform said in a statement, anchorman of the recent Shuttle flight attendants live events, platform after investigation, the victim was broadcast without the consent of passengers involved, in-car footage broadcast. Platform to the flight attendant apologized, for the first time on the anchor to stop. Future platforms will increase the intensity of content regulation, put an end to such incidents.

Panda TV response to

Panda TV response to "candid camera flight attendant online live" micro-blog. Electronic invoice meets cold printing costs passed

Friday, August 5, 2016

300 refugees from Italy jumped into fleeing to France

Local time on August 5, 2016, Italy Ventimiglia, blocked about 300 refugees, despite the police, jumped into the sea and swam towards France. Dongfang IC Visit the only school children with AIDS such

300 refugees from Italy jumped into fleeing to France

Local time on August 5, 2016, Italy Ventimiglia, blocked about 300 refugees, despite the police, jumped into the sea and swam towards France. Picture the scene. Dongfang IC

300 refugees from Italy jumped into fleeing to France

Italy and France police tried to use tear gas to stop the refugees, but to no avail. Picture the scene. Dongfang IC

300 refugees from Italy jumped into fleeing to France

Figure as a refugee through police blocked, jumped into the sea. Dongfang IC

300 refugees from Italy jumped into fleeing to France

Before police station in the town of Ventimiglia border refugee group, tried to stop them. Dongfang IC

300 refugees from Italy jumped into fleeing to France

Figure for refugees in Italy border town of Ventimiglia. Dongfang IC

300 refugees from Italy jumped into fleeing to France

Picture the scene. Dongfang IC