Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hubei hanchuan girls were more than fan his face kicking squatting and crying

NET "hanchuan middle school girls were more than hit" video, on January 19, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from xiaogan hanchuan, Hubei Province Public Security Bureau informed that after the incident the police involved in the investigation, and find the relevant students, of which the current event is under investigation.

Posted in hanchuan stuck video present locally, students, girls standing on the roof the roof, were many people beaten, one of the boys out, other batterers are outside the picture. Video shows girls were continuous fan faces, which left his face was red, and jammed his foot after kicking girls squat back were crying, but continued to fan. In the video, spread to other girls giggling.

Hanchuan-awareness of the public told roaring news, beating students from a junior high school in hanchuan in the video, participants in a total of 5 people, are currently been found.

Hanchuan City Public Security Bureau staff surging news that police investigated after receiving the clues and find students involved; in respect of minors, including specific cases such as beating reason temporarily not be released. People s daily opening cheap trick Guide to participate

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Family members of patients with threats of lose millions bleed hospital Hubei

On January 13, the newborn baby left hand fractures, qichun County, Huanggang City, Hubei Province, one man taking an online post said, if before the 28th of this year, third people's Hospital, qichun County compensation of 1 million Yuan, "I would bleed for three hospital personnel, who kill, and set on fire." On January 15, the surging qichun County party Committee propaganda Department told the news (www.thepaper.CN), at present, the police have been involved in the investigation, an event is being processed.

Qichun County party Committee propaganda Department informed the 14th, Gu in app, Twitter posting threatening about the threat involved hospitals, the county police, Wei Ji, comprehensive management and other departments involved in the investigation.

Network spread a circle of friends screenshots show, a man in the circle of friends issued a news release saying, my son was born in qichun County the third people's Hospital, 6 kg 32, attended the hospital staff because the force is too large, resulting in son's left arm fracture in the middle. The men "swore" said that if the cross before 28th of this year, third people's Hospital, qichun County compensation of 1 million Yuan, "I would bleed for three hospital personnel, who kill, and set on fire." Sichuan schools focused on the destruction of

Family members of patients with threats of

For this thing, qichun County propaganda official micro-Bo @ qichun News Center official micro-Bo 14th late informed said, January 11 morning, Gu a of wife Wu a live into qichun third people hospital obstetrics and Gynecology stay produced, Yu 12th 16 o'clock birth one boy, new baby bathing Shi, not see exception; January 13, attending doctor again for new baby bathing, found its left upper limb activities exception, immediately will its rushed to county people hospital do x line check, tips left humerus lower paragraph fracture, children father Gu a mood excited, Posting threats on the Internet involved after hospital January 13, third people's Hospital of qichun arranged two medical personnel transferred to sick babies hospitalized at children's Hospital in Wuhan, is currently in a stable condition, postpartum maternal Wu remained in the County, the third people's Hospital under observation at the hospital, her husband accompanied by Gu Mou care.

Above informed said, received involved thing hospital alarm Hou, qichun police intervention survey, and organization established survey forensics, and patrol prevention, work designed class, will law according to rules investigation, and disposal this up suspected threat, and intimidation medical institutions of case; County Wei meter Council also composition designed class, in full intervention event disposal of while, active tie Wuhan children's Hospital full do new baby of treatment, ensure baby as soon as possible recovery health; Gu a where of town fully rule do, and community neighborhood has for carried out education, and coordination, work.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hungry distribution customers revenge says take away food and excrement and

"Hungry" reservation platform distribution to the complaints of the female customer revenge says "take-away food and excrement" event with the latest developments. The night of January 10, "hungry" reservation platform to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) sent a note saying, customers receive SMS delivery of revenge Flay's idea of a joke, "hungry" to apologise to the customer and sell foreign distribution claims its crowdsourcing platform.

Earlier, surging press releases out complaints by calling the customer says "take-away food and excrement", room platform survey reports.

On January 6, Ms LI who lives in Shenzhen through the Twitter account @ Sun posted a complaint has shown signs of stagnation, in the "hungry" online ordering, delivery to its retaliation for takeout, "added crap." On January 10, surging News learned from hungry reservation platform, the platform is communicating with Lee about the incident and has been involved in the investigation.

Ms Lee told the surging news, "hungry" twice called communicating limited information, and no communication solutions.

Qian said situation description said, "hungry has you" customer service received Lee ladies of complaints Hou, will problem qualitative for P0 level (highest priority level), through 4 days of is derived check, will involved thing outside sold distribution Member lock for a all package distribution platform of a bit rider, involved thing distribution member on by sent of revenge SMS behavior pleaded guilty to, said in meal products in the put foreign body for "fried said", on for "gas stretch" user; for this a behavior to Lee ladies brings of troubled, distribution Member said apologies and regrets meaning, and willing to bear all responsibility. Female kindergarten teachers beating children

"Hungry" in the intelligence that Lee apologize and promised compensation and said the matter will be dealt with, sell foreign distribution claims its crowdsourcing platform. As the surging News went to press, Lee has yet to respond to personal notes.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

A toy gun why the gun Expert can t change the standards should also be adjusted

Standards related to existing gun found, again caused academic debate. On January 6, more than scholars in public policy at the University of politics and law, China Research Center on 104th JI men in decision-making around the "why are toy guns gun" this subject, discussion about gun-related cases in the criminal justice objective blame and countermeasures.

According to statistics from Chinese people's public security University Professor Chen Zhijun, since 2007 standard firearms modified since "fake gun crimes" are frequent. In particular in the Ministry of public security of the firearms injury criterion before and after enactment of the forensic sciences, illegally manufacturing, trading in, transporting, mailing, storage of firearms and illegal possession, possession of arms punishable crimes these two major gun crime, there have been significant changes in the number of cases, were 254 and 721 (trial time span from December 23, 1991 to March 28, 2013).

After surging News (www.thepaper.CN), Zhejiang, Sichuan, Fujian, Liaoning, Guangdong, Beijing, Tianjin and other places appear "fake gun crime" of judicial precedent, who has on several occasions questioned the standard for gun control laws and gun.

Firearms identification standards change, "fake gun crime" case

1996 the implementation of the Firearms Act article 46th has clearly defined: "the guns in this law refers to gunpowder or compressed gas powered, tubular metal projectile devices, or other substance, enough to cause casualties or loss of consciousness of a variety of firearms. "

This provision was adopted, and the corresponding simulation guns, toy guns.

February 22, 2008, issued by the Ministry of public security provisions of the standard imitation guns, who meet one of the following three conditions can be identified as imitation guns: first, the power of standards. That meet the requirements of the Firearms Act firearms components, firing metal projectiles or other material than the kinetic energy of the gun is less than 1.8 joules/cm (not including the number), greater than 0.16 j/cm (not including the number); Secondly, structural standards. Have gun appearance, and has the standard firearms, materials and functions similar to the barrel, bolt, receiver or firing one of third, overall standards. That is, shapes, colors and standard firearms are identical or similar to, shape and size appropriate format for guns gun length length size of 1/2 and 1 time between times.

Toy guns on the definition, in December 2012, the Bureau of public security administration has on online public consultation the following reply: found to be a toy gun with the following three features: first, the overall standards. In appearance, and imitation guns is quite different and second, color standards. On the exterior color, mostly use the more bright colors such as red, green, and black area is less than the total surface area of one-third third, the power of standards. Meet toy standards, the muzzle than the kinetic energy of the projectile emitted less than or equal to 0.16 j/cm.

Reality is, guns that the standards of Justice and most of the people on "firearms" cognitive differences. In judicial practice, the defendant insisted that the object was "a toy gun", or did not knowingly involved in real "firearms", it was up to the new standard and was to gun-related crimes be investigated for criminal responsibility, part of the administration of Justice and therefore suffered public concern.

"From the case to the Prosecutor's Office of public security arrested and convicted by the courts, a line well in such cases into criminal cases, judicial officers stereotyped application of law, hence ' gun crime '. "China University criminal justice Professor Ruan qilin believes that when the legal anomaly, should give more consideration to social common sense, human nature," justice should not be too sharp, a punishment contrary to common sense. "

Analysis of Beijing Polytechnic University School of law Professor Xu Xin pointed out that changes based on the standard firearms, "fake gun crime" cases generally shows three major characteristics: there are no victims; second, who were mostly army fan player or small businessmen in the family; the third is involved into the criminal, completely beyond the personal and public expectations.

People Police University Professor Chen Zhijun had in national prosecutor College journal Shang wrote calls for, currently on guns crime of criminal legislation, and judicial explained and other normative file should implement "wide strict phase Chai" criminal policy of spirit, put combat of focus put in has larger lethality of guns Shang, for lethality smaller of was General as toy of guns in filed standard, and sentencing weight Shang, are should insisted "caution penalty" of principles.

Standard gun indent 1/10, or save them "mechanical enforcement"

Many experts believe that in recent years, "fake gun crimes" are key reasons, is the standard of firearms significantly indented.

"The original standard illegal bullet in question were critical, standards after the slash should be adjusted accordingly on criminal sentencing standards. "Ruan qilin said, standards not in accord with standards of criminal convictions, makes justice more clearly exposed.

On August 17, 2001, the Ministry of public security published by public security authorities in connection with the performance of firearms ammunition identification regulations (hereinafter referred to as the regulations). The document provides, for a non-standard firearm cannot emission standard bullets, identification according to the following criteria: put the muzzle from 25.4mm thick dry pine Board 1 m shot, bullets penetrating the pine Board, shall be deemed to be sufficient to cause death; bullet or shrapnel stuck on the pine Board, is considered sufficient to cause harm. With this one of the two cases, identified as firearm.

In October 2007, the forensic science of the Ministry of public security published the firearms injury criterion (SAC recommended industry standard filing), article 3.2 provides that "caused no casualties of non-standard firearm injury criterion into the muzzle than the kinetic energy of ≥ 1.8 joules per square centimeter", casualties are treated as firearms.

In December 2010, the Ministry of public security said the regulations had been amended. Amendments also made clear the muzzle than the kinetic energy of the regulations as a basis for found injured by firearms, whether: "when the muzzle of the weapon than when the kinetic energy greater than or equal to 1.8 joules per square centimeter, are identified as firearm. "

This means "shooting method of dry pine Board" had been completely abolished. "Based on the shooting method of dry pine Board, identified as critical point of identification for firearm injury force is 16 joules per square centimeter. "Chen Zhijun believes that judicial practice in China to abandon the" shooting method of dry pine Board "changed" method of measuring muzzle than the kinetic energy ", standards point directly from the muzzle than the kinetic energy 16 joules per square centimeter down to 1.8 joules per square centimeter, fell by nearly 10 times.

Chen Zhijun believes that these changes in recent years that many gun-related cases, the Party insisted that "toy guns" and judiciary are identified as "firearms" differences causes of criminal prosecution.

According to Professor Xu Xin introduced over the past three years, every year there are a number of people and because of this change the sentence for the crime in question, "behind the devastation of many families. "

Why is there this phenomenon? Lao Dongyan, a professor at Tsinghua University law school said that in judicial practice, universal gun case "mechanical law enforcement, administration of Justice".

Lao Dongyan said gun concept should be "limited" and that generally speaking, the gun itself should have a probability of resulting in serious injury or death, if the case does not have firearms in lethality, coupled with the lack of clear perception, based on existing jurisprudence cannot be convicted.

Lao Dongyan believes that case decisions, judicial personnel, taking into account the decision itself on the value judgment of rationality and social acceptability.

Experts: do not change the standard should also adjust the accountability consequences

In China, where gun control has always been tough, reflect on the conviction is abstract dangerous crimes (committed). "Not to standards of what the consequences of a conviction, sentencing is also more severe. "Ruan qilin said.

Surging News noted, China's criminal law, firearms offences as serious crimes against public security and illegally manufacturing, trading in, transporting, mailing, storage of firearms, the two sentences for the offence of "3 to 10 years ' imprisonment" and "10 years of fixed-term imprisonment, life imprisonment or the death penalty."

"Firearms identification, there are many problems, we should think seriously about firearms, the legitimacy of existing standards. "Xu Xin said that the muzzle than 1.8 joules of kinetic energy per square centimeter is what? It has very low lethality, "this standard is the Firearms Act and penal code identified in an expanded interpretation of the firearms, conflict with the upper law. "

However, in practice, standard on firearms are generally cited standards set by the Ministry of public security. Lao Dongyan said the problem is that security is for general maintenance of law and order, criminal law is based on crimes against public security regulations, pay attention to the protection of the right to health of others or the right to life.

"Owing to the different protection purposes, much to distinguish between the criminal law of firearms and firearm identification on the administrative law standard, both with different interpretations. "Lao Dong Yan says.

"The public security department-related firearm identification standards should be full consideration of public safety, which is understandable. "Ruan Qi said, guns for sale, possession of lethal or non-lethal, non-crime penalties should be, should not be a criminal disposition.

Meanwhile, Ruan qilin also stressed that currently cannot easily talk to change standard firearms, "firearm standards if it is not appropriate to amend, may need to consider the consequences of adjusting the legal accountability level, such as divided into illegal and criminal penalties for public security, so as to avoid extended punishment trends. "

Chen Zhijun's specific recommendations are should be added to "minor, sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, criminal detention or public surveillance", "this relatively light sentence, and lesser gun-related crimes of suiting penalty to adaptation. " Release news TPP sadly China will lead Asia Pacific

Chen Zhijun further proposed that the administrative law standards can still maintained existing standards unchanged, but raising criminal firearm identification threshold to 15 joules per square centimeter, a revision of the standard.

"Propose to improve the existing firearm identification standards, should at least back to 2010 rules, use ' wounded skin up close ' standard, standard firearms should be considered reasonable. "Xu Xin said, in addition, also should be a clear distinction between the conviction and sentencing of the imitation guns and real guns," specific firearm identification cannot be handed over to the public security Department on its own, to ensure the neutrality of the report. "

"The Franco-German station"

Article 125th "illegally manufacturing, trading in, transporting, mailing and storage of firearms, ammunition, explosives offences, illicit manufacturing, trading in, transporting, or storing dangerous substances crimes" illegally manufacturing, trading in, transporting, mailing, storage of firearms, ammunition, explosives, shall be sentenced to imprisonment between three to ten years in serious cases, imprisonment of at least ten years, life imprisonment or the death penalty.

128th "illegally holding or hiding a firearm or ammunition, illegally lease or loan firearms" in violation of firearms control regulations, illegally holding or hiding a firearm or ammunition, and three years imprisonment, criminal detention or public surveillance; the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to imprisonment between three to seven years.

130th "illegal possession of guns, ammunition, controlled knives, dangerous articles to endanger public security" illegal possession of guns, ammunition, controlled knives or explosive, inflammable, radioactive, poisonous or corrosive materials, access to public places or on public transport, endangering public safety, if the circumstances are serious, to three years imprisonment, criminal detention or public surveillance.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A 3 9 magnitude earthquake near baicheng County Xinjiang depth of 10 kilometer

A 3.9-magnitude earthquake near baicheng County, Xinjiang, depth of 10-kilometer

Earthquake map Old not new into old confrontations landlords

Formal determination of China seismic network: January 04 09:03 in baicheng County, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang (41.99 degrees north latitude, 82.50 degrees East longitude), a 3.9-magnitude earthquake focal depths 10-kilometer.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Was derided as trash 19 years old unemployed youth network about truck drivers

Southeast Web on December 30, the Hunan-born young man of 19 years, to Fuzhou, looking for work without success, the net purchase instrumentalities for committing a robbery. Drink, he once gave up the robbery idea, but in the Lianjiang County, Fuzhou City, a taxi with nets about truck drivers dispute, after killing the driver and dumped. Good Samaritan guy admits is the false hero apology

Through its positioning of the car police, rushed to the Changsha will be captured. Recently, Lianjiang Procuratorate on suspicion of intentional homicide, robbery, theft of its duly approved the arrest.

Find work failed to buy tools for robbery

The prosecution introduced, Peng, Hunan, 19 years old, junior middle school culture. In November, he lived in Lianjiang, Fuzhou fruitless job search, and came up with idea of robbery. He found someone selling instrumentalities in the micro, micro payments bought 3 pair of handcuffs, 2 electric shock stick. The afternoon of November 29, Peng after the receipt of such instrumentalities, in Fuzhou, looking for target failed. Then, he drank around Fuzhou South railway station, reasoning, and decided to give up the idea Rob, Lianjiang hard looking for a job.

7:22 P.M. November 29, take him through a network of about software Yang zhe FD296T driving car, by Liao Xiang, cangshan town, Lianjiang County, South to the city gate. After 1.5 hours at your destination, because Peng binding of micro-payment bank card that not enough money, not micro-payment fare, the two had an argument. Paid, Peng Pack off.

"Poor man! "At this point, Yang because of unpleasant verbal taunts the payment process, which angered Peng. Peng returns with Yang again had a falling out in the car, Peng during the quarrel by wine took Yang neck with his right hand, left hand over his mouth, nose, Yang struggled, and Yang died after more than 10 minutes. Later, Peng zhe FD296T driving a car, going to thrown.

Filling knife thrown back to Changsha after he was caught

Prosecutors said Peng that he jiangwenzhucun last week near the Ranger Station, found in a nearby House to Yang's neck pulling ropes tied off, Yang's body onto a mountain next to untie the ropes after Yang died, from a backpack with a fruit knife in Yang up after three or four times in the neck, the bodies thrown into the mountains. November 29 at about 11 o'clock in the evening, a driving all FD296T cars returns Lianjiang Peng Cheng Guan at Grand Hotel.

The morning of November 30, Peng zhe FD296T driving buses to Changsha city, Hunan province, Peng sold the car. The night of December 1, Peng Yang's cell phone to his friend Mr. Police located at the car, chased to Changsha, December 2 at noon, Peng caught by the public security organs in Tianxin district, Changsha city jintai district. (This article was originally titled: "trash" Lianjiang of jobless men kill net about truck drivers)

Monday, December 26, 2016

Anhui Fengtai men killed their parents and neighbors of mental illness by police

Anhui Fengtai men killed their parents and neighbors of mental illness by police control

Tong Xiang Cui Hai village in Fengtai County crime scene. For local residents Sichuan Liangshan Cliff climbing vine ladders

The morning of December 25, Huainan Anhui Fengtai County, a man suspected of killing more than 70 years old father, mother, friends and neighbours.

Fengtai County party Committee Standing Committee, propaganda chief he Tao December 26 told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), according to the police investigation, the man had a history of mental illness, has been controlled by the police, in the case is still under further investigation.

He Tao said these cases occurred on the morning of December 25, Tang Xiang in Fengtai County of the crime. Police meet villagers after the alarm, disposal rushed to the scene and found three of the dead. Investigations by the police, the suspect had a history of mental illness, killed her parents in the morning on that day and a neighbor, three are more than 70 years old. Suspects by the police are now in charge, in the case is still under further investigation, specific cases reported later.