Monday, February 6, 2017

Men online Sun gun and official gun license Sichuan police has carried out an

At noon on February 5, a Netizen in the Sina micro-blog which has a small group of gunmen in the hotel 3 pictures, and is equipped with an "official gun license", saying "kill chongzhou tomorrow." "The official gun license" information display, equipped with units of ziyangdiqu, Lezhi County Public Security Bureau. On February 6, the Chengdu business daily reporters from Ziyang City (from 1998 to 2000 for the ziyangdiqu), Lezhi County Public Security Bureau was informed that, following a preliminary investigation, micro-blogging the guy in the picture is not in Lezhi County Public Security Bureau police officers, the police have launched an investigation, the findings will be released.

Men online Sun-gun and

On February 6, the micro-blogging has been the Publisher of "I" removed. But according to the newspaper a screenshot, the "kill chongzhou tomorrow! "Micro-blog published on February 5, at 12:38, Tweets when it is published as the Ziyang city, Lezhi County Park near the road. Teaser image 4, 3 for the same small group of gunmen in the hotel picture, another 1 picture for "people's Republic of China official gun license", which can be clearly seen that card number, number and equipped units, gun and issuing authority. "The people's Republic of China official gun permit" to show that guns equipped with units of ziyangdiqu, Lezhi County Public Security Bureau, pistol for the type 64 pistol, issuing authority for the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department. Nude lenders talk about meat service a customer

Men online Sun-gun and

February 6 in the morning, Lezhi County Public Security Bureau on the Chengdu business newspaper client contact and interception of the pictures in the newspaper, Lezhi County Public Security Bureau. The Bureau said, aiming to police immediately launched an investigation. According to reports, the Ziyang city, currently has not called ziyangdiqu (Note: Ziyang from 1998 to 2000 for the ziyangdiqu), the latest official gun certificate certificate number is no longer in the users used in printing the "*" symbol. After preliminary investigation, blog guy not Lezhi County Public Security Bureau police officers. At present, aiming the police have launched an investigation. Results after the completion of the investigation, will be published in time.

(Formerly entitled the users Twitter Sun gun and "official gun license" aiming to police has carried out an investigation)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Local news featured false ciqikou of Chongqing zoned apologize to the CCTV host

Photo: network.

"Hunan" man new year blind date was forced to "escape" to travel to Thailand: year without

According to the keepers, four days before the Spring Festival holidays this year, China's total number of tourists totaled 258 million passengers, an increase of 14.2%, but also some touring is a bit helpless. Chen Wei who lives in Zhuzhou, Hunan province on the second day of the new year day "escape to Thailand", 30 years of age he fight in Beijing during Chinese new year back home will be for their families, dating, and outbound became his unconventional exports, his lucky chose to travel for the new year, while weak year in a foreign country, but he didn't care. "Since being forced to date a year later, years are gone. "

Hotel reviews: "been forced during the festive season" has become in recent years, "leftover" of "leftover" facing embarrassing questions I went back. Road of life many roads, married early is not necessarily happy, later marriage does not necessarily mean that suffering. Parents should give their children more space, do not force force, but to respect their feelings and thoughts, support, encourage their career before they are married, and became a children's strong backing.

"Jiangsu" son owed a gambling debt was blocking the door demanding man reported to police and gambling sent his son detention

According to a Yangtse evening post reported that this year new year's Eve afternoon in Huaian city xuyi County, Xu Cheng Zhen, a group of men broke into a farm yard, forcing master Liu for his son and more than 20,000 over a gambling debt. Liu alarm, xucheng, xuyi County, police rushed to the scene. The result, Liu son and demanding to be paid the 5 men were detained by police. Upon examination, the evening of January 22, 2017, the violator and others in xucheng turntable Xiang, a room with Liu and others played mahjong gambling WINS and more than 10,000 yuan. Liu after losing money, borrowing money to bet on clean transportation, Liu can't tell their parents, simply out of no return.

Comments: Chinese new year, friends and relatives gather together, eating drinking drinking and playing cards, rub a mahjong is a topic, traditional practices in some areas. But in recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, increasingly high price of mahjong and mahjong, tens of hundreds of thousands of Yuan, or even million, far beyond the "flutter joyful" range. The hazards of gambling to be reckoned with, cos spoiled new year atmosphere, even fight, and made the whole family had bad years, thick "atmosphere" suddenly becomes not "taste". Former Vice President Xi Xiaoming of the Supreme

"Henan" village, 3 dead, 7 injured in head on new year's Eve tragedy: investigation found no contradictions and disputes

Surging, according to news reports, on February 1, the zhecheng County in Henan Province Public Security Bureau official letter public, "Echeng police" reported that on January 28, 10 minutes, the command center by police: du Village, Huang Xiang, a murder occurred. City and county-level public security organs promptly launched mechanism for homicide suspect Liu guozhen was quickly controlled. Reported that the investigation, armed villagers Liu Liu guozhen, 10 people injured, at present, 3 people have been killed, other wounded are in full treatment. Material for the County said the incident "because of neighbourhood conflicts", Guo, steward said, "investigation never found Liu guozhen had any unusual circumstances, whom he never had a quarrel, nor who quarreled. "

Comment: If neighborhood harmony amicably, flatly not trivia mingxiang. It also reminded the general public in the normal course of life in the harmony with the neighbor and reminded Governments at all levels to be more colorful activities, build valuable platform for neighborhood harmony harmony.

"Beijing" credit cardholders by off-site consumption on the blacklist will win Bank

According to a Beijing Morning Post report, consumer credit card with signature from the body, but off-site credit card spending 1200 Yuan by others, Mr King refused to pay, but also on the "black list", and that he take the Bank to court, request reimbursement of this amount and ask for help the revocation of their bad credit. No court verdict Mr Wang to repay, banks must repay credit card annual fee 916 and to assist Mr King to withdraw the overdue repayment records in the people's Bank of China's personal credit system, banks after an appeal. Yesterday (February 1), Beijing Second Intermediate Court of Final Appeal upheld.

Comment: since it is the signature to protect the credit card Act, that if there is a loophole or fraudulent behavior, banks should have some compensation for innocent credit card consumers and explain, but the Bank is unable to provide the required transaction vouchers, but provides non-Wang signed documents of transaction. This is untenable from the legal and humanitarian aspects.

 "Chongqing" on ciqikou of Chongqing "zoned" apologize to the CCTV host to Chengdu

According to cqnews reported each year, ciqikou ancient town, shapingba district, Chongqing is always popular full House. These two days, several media outlets, including the CCTV errors in reporting the pomp of the ciqikou tourist to CI Qi Kou said to Chengdu, causing the majority of users attention and discussion. CCTV host Zhu Guangquan explained on the show, due to staff mistakes, ciqikou ancient town of Chongqing to Chengdu were said to belong, CCTV host has been on the show for an official apology, hope ciqikou and netizens are able to forgive the errors.

Comment: journalist, television presenter, among other things, on the geography of some errors is difficult to absolutely avoid. Especially for people not familiar with Chengdu and Chongqing, careless of spoken language is understandable. CCTV apologized on the show host in time, showing the wrong emphasis on the one hand, but also of our TV shows are increasingly focused on program quality and detailed feedback.

CCTV host apologized screenshot source: network

"Fujian" 5 people are cutting local anti-terrorist brigade police in Putian City disposal

According to the South-East network reported, January 31, at 15:30, in Putian City police 110 command Intelligence Center received the alarm, saying the, xiuyu district Dong Zhuang Cun Su Zhen Su CUO neighborhood dispute after drinking five victims with a knife cut. 110 first time instruction of dongzhuang police station, xiuyu police patrol special police anti-terrorist brigade police disposal, and notify the 120 first-aid centre for medical treatment. On 18:30, the suspects captured in the village. The five victims have been rushed to the Hospital where the first time, were not life-threatening. Injury cases against Dong Zhuang town, xiuyu district, Putian City, Deputy Mayor, police Chief, Li Huojin requirement citywide public security organs promptly report to the local Party Committee and Government, do the troubleshooting to resolve contradictions and disputes, and to prevent the vicious crimes and mass incidents.

Comment: vicious maulings in the Township, local government police for the first time to take steps and do the contradictions and disputes investigation work, these are necessary measures. In the case of social hostility in some areas is heavy, staff of the local township burdens are heavier, more potential conflicts need to do more on the area can also be understood that measures in advance.

"Beijing" three festivals sanitation workers: one day sweep four thousand or five thousand pieces of kebab skewer

According to the Beijing Youth daily reported new year seven days, temple as a Spring Festival gathering in Beijing's popular place, so that the General cuisine of the people tasted all over, however, after tuck into huge amounts of garbage left by sanitation workers busy. Journalists visited the temple yesterday, long Tan, the changdian Temple three found that tourists, but had less litter on the ground, all thanks to the obscurity of the sanitation workers bent over thousands, not stopping fast cleanup. "One day could sweep the 4000-5000 kebab skewer. "Sanitation workers of changdian temple fair said.

Comment: annual reunion Festival, there will be a lot of grass-roots workers are not resting, but is the busiest time. Industrious sanitation workers, too, for all visitors and members of the public, to celebrate the festive season, eating and drinking, some stalls and the quality of personnel, and similar stringed stuff is still lying on the floor, putting huge pressure on sanitation workers. Travel essential, do not throw garbage, this is the truth of the Church.

On January 30, 2017, the Ditan temple fair in Beijing has tens of thousands of visitors flock to a metro station. Maps/China Visual

"Jiangsu" on new year's day 6-year old boy were one meter high "b" risk of biting his lower lip was torn off

According to Yang child evening reported, on new year's day, Jiangsu Huaian hongze boy small bright (pseudonym) was a article "II HA" (Huskies) bashing pour in to tore bite, was dog master timely found, will small bright from "II HA" body Xia drag out, but small bright Xia lips was "II HA" bite broken, is through injury, almost was tore off, ear Department, and forehead, also more at injured, but "II HA" master active tie small bright in hospital treatment. Small light injury recovery, very good. Doctor Shen Juxiang, told reporters on new year's day at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, when Akira was sent to the hospital, his face covered with blood, the entire lower lip has dragged down, ear also has obvious teeth marks. "One had 20 stitches under his lip", Shen Juxiang, told reporters that small shiny lower lip had been "second" bite work.

Comments: Chinese new year, children suffer. Husky owners concerned, but its owner was not doing your duty. In life, people often have to walk my dog says, your dog won't bite. This overconfidence that, in fact, is not responsible for other people's animals, after all, is not a person, no matter how human and, ultimately, animals. In this case, is the poor child of the injured.

6-year old boy was more than one meter high "er" biting his lower lip was torn off, source: Internet

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Most important duel in Grand Slam history Federer If there is a draw and Nadal

Time has changed a lot, nothing has changed.

Most important duel in Grand Slam history, Federer: If there is a draw and Nadal shared title

On January 29, Australia, 2017-ceremony of the Australian Open men's singles final Roger Federer kisses the trophy. China Visual

Eight years ago, Nadal was the long hair fluttering Mallorca teenager, Federer's twin girls are not yet born. In that year's Australian Open final, two of the century's greatest rival for us to dedicate a epic duel.

Eight years later, 30-year old King of clay has thinning hair, 35 year old Switzerland Kings also had sons and daughters who are, but the Central Rod Laver Stadium still is their stage.

On January 29, the much anticipated "nano" once again played in the Australian Open final. Roger Federer after a five-set thriller, and finally to 6-4/3-6/6-1/3-6/6-3 win and ushered in his 5th Australian Open trophies, that's 18th career Grand Slam.

Great rivals make a great victory, "seeing a less of a" duel, "Geithner" well beyond the relationship between winning and become all like the legend of tennis.

Grand Slam the greatest matchup

Most important duel in Grand Slam history, Federer: If there is a draw and Nadal shared title Most important duel in Grand Slam history, Federer: If there is a draw and Nadal shared title Most important duel in Grand Slam history, Federer: If there is a draw and Nadal shared title Most important duel in Grand Slam history, Federer: If there is a draw and Nadal shared title Most important duel in Grand Slam history, Federer: If there is a draw and Nadal shared title

2017 Australian Open Court clearly into shine, a veteran of the stage. 35 years old Federer and Nadal all the way through into the final 30 years, bringing surprises to fans at the same time, were also up in Melbourne and a "tide of nostalgia".

Talk about the war of the two Kings of classic, it's hard not to think of 2009 years of that "NA". At that time, 22 years old bitter five-set win over Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, got his career first and only one Australian Open Grand Slam. Of the great wall a faith in film

Outside of exciting showdown, when that game, left people a deep impression is probably Switzerland King tears. Lose the game of Roger Federer not only burst into tears at the awards ceremony, and even said: "Oh my God, this game is going to kill me. "

Eight years later, two people come together again in the final of the Australian Open, the top battle by former US Open champion American Andy Roddick as "the most important match in Grand Slam history. "

Federer 17 Grand Slam titles in hand 5 times into the Australian Open final, his last appearance in the finals dating back to 2010, when he beat Andy Murray won his fourth Australian Open Grand Slam trophies.

"Golden slam" winner Rafael Nadal while only 14 Grand Slam titles, but he has played 34 times in the past with Roger Federer earned a 23-11 record, and even two people in Australia had met three times, Nadal won all three.

This "fenagh war" who will have the last laugh? All of this is before the final difficult questions. From the war record Nadal to occupy an absolute advantage, but at the most recent Basel Open final, Federer won.

Included Rod Laver, Davenport, Navratilova, including some of the tennis legend who still prefer Federer won because he took the day off more than Nadal, and fast pitch.

Even if they do not look by outsiders, but Nadal remains the tennis also "indestructible cockroach", this is coach Carlos Moya called "warriors" of Spain, and two points behind and has been clinging on to the final set, even at one point in the final set to lead 3:1.

However, 35 years old Federer mentality is more calm, "I said to myself, take it easy. Comeback was remarkable. Relax, play, and see what happens. "

Unable to reverse years of Federer, but in this game even in the final set after 5 innings, even though he had requested medical timeouts due to fatigue, his 18th Grand Slam miracles still.

Most important duel in Grand Slam history, Federer: If there is a draw and Nadal shared title

35th fenagh showdown staged a photo before the match Federer and Nadal.

Enjoy tennis, enjoy training

Since 2012 since the Wimbledon title, Federer had not won a Grand Slam title; Similarly, Nadal in 2014, after the French Open title, has also recorded two years without a trophy.

Two Kings repeated injuries starting to even begin to think, no matter who won a Grand Slam has become wishful thinking, not to mention the two men met again in the finals.

Most important duel in Grand Slam history, Federer: If there is a draw and Nadal shared title

On January 29, Australia, Nadal in the Australian Open men's singles final awards ceremony. China Visual

Federer received a career-first operation early last year, but quit the 2016 season in July because of a knee injury the rest of the game. In October last year, Nadal due to wrist injury pending mianzhanpai.

"I think me and Rafa (Nadal) is told her: well, that's enough, let us go, let us go back to 100%, let us enjoy the tennis, enjoy the training. "Federer said.

Have bid farewell to the game of Federer and Nadal, also fell in the world ranking to a career low, 17th and 9th place respectively. However, the two men never gave up hope of returning.

"My goal is to play better than we expect, I hope I can win a Grand Slam trophy. "Away from the pitch of the day, Federer aggressive restorative training, making a strong comeback.

Spain's Mallorca, Nadal in high strength training for his comeback. "I trained really hard for this time, the training intensity has been strengthened in recent years, I haven't practiced according to their wish. "

For Nadal on the technology to further improve his coaching team for the first time to allow "outsiders"-former world number one, the French Open champion Carlos Moya joined them, the latter are his 1/4 in the final of the Australian Open opponent, laaoniqi's former coach.

After sufficient rest and systematic training, return two stunning throughout the Australian Open field, Murray that "hope fenagh will healthy after a season" also seem to be fulfilled.

Federer, his performance the return is paid in the past 6 months, "be sure to readjust their own lives and their own way of playing tennis, let yourself become healthy again. "

Passion for tennis Rafael Nadal is back, after his Australian Open first round firmly believes, "if I don't believe you can return to the top over the past 10 years, then I might as well go play golf or fishing. "

Roger Federer: If there is a draw, with Nadal shared Championship

Most important duel in Grand Slam history, Federer: If there is a draw and Nadal shared title

Once Federer and Nadal

Federer is the absolute King of tennis during 2003-2008, he had this time Hao take the five-time world champion of Wimbledon and the us open. "King of clay," Nadal of clay ruled in a recent 10-year period.

In this year's Australian Open final, foreign media and the tennis legend are already fierce discussions two-person who is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time, that is the greatest tennis player in history) topic.

17 Grand Slam trophies, 88 world champions, 302 world records have allowed Federer to none. Nadal has 14 Grand Slam titles, 69 singles titles, there is also Olympic doubles gold and 4 Davis Cup Championship.

In the eyes of the tennis legend Rod Laver, Federer and Nadal is well deserved, "If there is a one of the greatest tennis players, Federer is no doubt in my heart that meet the candidates for the title, followed by Nadal. "

Whether or not you can be a GOAT, their friendship will not be affected, the men's tennis world "Gemini" has always been in encouraging each other, appreciate each other.

Champion said Nadal trying to see the motivation to carry on, "I don't know how to get back, but I can get a lot of encouragement from you, because you have done countless times in my career."

At the awards ceremony, Federer the greatest praise to the great adversary, "did not draw in a tennis match, but if there is a tie, then I'll be tonight and Rafa share (the Championship). Please continue to call on, Rafa, tennis needs you. "

By the coach Carlos Moya as "warrior," Nadal said, "together with Roger Federer Grand Slam finals is really special, and I am very excited! We are still here, still fighting for important games. "

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Before the national railroads ushered in Spring Festival passenger flow peak

On January 26, 2017, the day of the lunar new year 29, 2017 before the last business day of the Spring Festival, the national railway came before the passenger flow peak travel. China Visual Turkey bus bomb blast at a bus full of soldiers

Before the national railroads ushered in Spring Festival passenger flow peak travel

On January 26, 2017, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou East railway station, passengers in waiting room waiting. Long Wei/vision China

Before the national railroads ushered in Spring Festival passenger flow peak travel

On January 26, 2017, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou East railway station, passengers in waiting room waiting. Long Wei/vision China

Before the national railroads ushered in Spring Festival passenger flow peak travel

On January 26, 2017, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou East railway station, passengers up and down a high-speed train. Long Wei/vision China

Before the national railroads ushered in Spring Festival passenger flow peak travel

On January 26, 2017, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, tourists in Hangzhou East railway station waiting room through the ticket gates. Long Wei/vision China

Before the national railroads ushered in Spring Festival passenger flow peak travel

On January 26, 2017, in Anhui Province, passengers disembarking in bozhou, Anhui train station, home for the new year. The Taiwan Provincial Government Li/China Visual

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hubei hanchuan girls were more than fan his face kicking squatting and crying

NET "hanchuan middle school girls were more than hit" video, on January 19, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from xiaogan hanchuan, Hubei Province Public Security Bureau informed that after the incident the police involved in the investigation, and find the relevant students, of which the current event is under investigation.

Posted in hanchuan stuck video present locally, students, girls standing on the roof the roof, were many people beaten, one of the boys out, other batterers are outside the picture. Video shows girls were continuous fan faces, which left his face was red, and jammed his foot after kicking girls squat back were crying, but continued to fan. In the video, spread to other girls giggling.

Hanchuan-awareness of the public told roaring news, beating students from a junior high school in hanchuan in the video, participants in a total of 5 people, are currently been found.

Hanchuan City Public Security Bureau staff surging news that police investigated after receiving the clues and find students involved; in respect of minors, including specific cases such as beating reason temporarily not be released. People s daily opening cheap trick Guide to participate

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Family members of patients with threats of lose millions bleed hospital Hubei

On January 13, the newborn baby left hand fractures, qichun County, Huanggang City, Hubei Province, one man taking an online post said, if before the 28th of this year, third people's Hospital, qichun County compensation of 1 million Yuan, "I would bleed for three hospital personnel, who kill, and set on fire." On January 15, the surging qichun County party Committee propaganda Department told the news (www.thepaper.CN), at present, the police have been involved in the investigation, an event is being processed.

Qichun County party Committee propaganda Department informed the 14th, Gu in app, Twitter posting threatening about the threat involved hospitals, the county police, Wei Ji, comprehensive management and other departments involved in the investigation.

Network spread a circle of friends screenshots show, a man in the circle of friends issued a news release saying, my son was born in qichun County the third people's Hospital, 6 kg 32, attended the hospital staff because the force is too large, resulting in son's left arm fracture in the middle. The men "swore" said that if the cross before 28th of this year, third people's Hospital, qichun County compensation of 1 million Yuan, "I would bleed for three hospital personnel, who kill, and set on fire." Sichuan schools focused on the destruction of

Family members of patients with threats of

For this thing, qichun County propaganda official micro-Bo @ qichun News Center official micro-Bo 14th late informed said, January 11 morning, Gu a of wife Wu a live into qichun third people hospital obstetrics and Gynecology stay produced, Yu 12th 16 o'clock birth one boy, new baby bathing Shi, not see exception; January 13, attending doctor again for new baby bathing, found its left upper limb activities exception, immediately will its rushed to county people hospital do x line check, tips left humerus lower paragraph fracture, children father Gu a mood excited, Posting threats on the Internet involved after hospital January 13, third people's Hospital of qichun arranged two medical personnel transferred to sick babies hospitalized at children's Hospital in Wuhan, is currently in a stable condition, postpartum maternal Wu remained in the County, the third people's Hospital under observation at the hospital, her husband accompanied by Gu Mou care.

Above informed said, received involved thing hospital alarm Hou, qichun police intervention survey, and organization established survey forensics, and patrol prevention, work designed class, will law according to rules investigation, and disposal this up suspected threat, and intimidation medical institutions of case; County Wei meter Council also composition designed class, in full intervention event disposal of while, active tie Wuhan children's Hospital full do new baby of treatment, ensure baby as soon as possible recovery health; Gu a where of town fully rule do, and community neighborhood has for carried out education, and coordination, work.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hungry distribution customers revenge says take away food and excrement and

"Hungry" reservation platform distribution to the complaints of the female customer revenge says "take-away food and excrement" event with the latest developments. The night of January 10, "hungry" reservation platform to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) sent a note saying, customers receive SMS delivery of revenge Flay's idea of a joke, "hungry" to apologise to the customer and sell foreign distribution claims its crowdsourcing platform.

Earlier, surging press releases out complaints by calling the customer says "take-away food and excrement", room platform survey reports.

On January 6, Ms LI who lives in Shenzhen through the Twitter account @ Sun posted a complaint has shown signs of stagnation, in the "hungry" online ordering, delivery to its retaliation for takeout, "added crap." On January 10, surging News learned from hungry reservation platform, the platform is communicating with Lee about the incident and has been involved in the investigation.

Ms Lee told the surging news, "hungry" twice called communicating limited information, and no communication solutions.

Qian said situation description said, "hungry has you" customer service received Lee ladies of complaints Hou, will problem qualitative for P0 level (highest priority level), through 4 days of is derived check, will involved thing outside sold distribution Member lock for a all package distribution platform of a bit rider, involved thing distribution member on by sent of revenge SMS behavior pleaded guilty to, said in meal products in the put foreign body for "fried said", on for "gas stretch" user; for this a behavior to Lee ladies brings of troubled, distribution Member said apologies and regrets meaning, and willing to bear all responsibility. Female kindergarten teachers beating children

"Hungry" in the intelligence that Lee apologize and promised compensation and said the matter will be dealt with, sell foreign distribution claims its crowdsourcing platform. As the surging News went to press, Lee has yet to respond to personal notes.