Thursday, November 10, 2016

Female college students campus credit 300 000 to 500 000 lenders network expose

Female college students ' campus credit 300,000 to 500,000, lenders network expose

"Naked" dialog Sichuan villagers for his birthday were fined

China Youth Network on November 10, after 95 girls less than (not his real name) to more than one campus platform borrowing 300,000 yuan in principal loan and provides "bare" guaranteed. Today, the compound interest, is less than the total principal and interest repayment platform to more than 500,000 yuan. Related borrowing "naked" is sent to the network. To this end, she is close to collapse. In desperation, is less than the father put the family's only home online sale only, the "fill" the debt.

School principal of the loan to borrow $300,000 into 500,000 "nude" is sent to the network

"Borrowing is for the first time in the freshman year, 2000 loan" is less than to the reporter of China Youth NET, a freshman has a boyfriend, spending big, General home condition, does not provide much financial support, she turned "school loans."

Less than say, net loan ads are posted at many places in schools, the bedroom door, lending these platforms "quickly", the borrower only needs to download the software, provide an ID and some basic personal information.

"Start campus agent to sign a contract, then simply fill the information, information on some platforms even without filling, make a phone call to put money" is less than to the reporter of China Youth NET.

Because "borrows" so "easy", since after the first money, less than it got out of hand. "Borrows" much more, some online lending platform to strengthen control, mediation in just the right time to introduce her to some of the so-called "lender". "Lender" audit conditions easier, and provide a variety of methods, Chikatoshi reached 30%, "some lenders are also asking for the (bare) guarantees".

Knew it, and she has a "loan" between online lending platform and lenders to reach 59, principal of the loan totaling 300,000 yuan. After a few months of "snowball" now interest has reached more than 500,000 yuan.

"Not all the borrowed money is spent, most of which a lot of money for ' robbing Peter to pay Paul ', ' by tight credit, '" less than told the reporter of China Youth NET, because of high interest rates, as soon as you begin to borrow money, the borrower will be in this no one can get out of that "trap".

Huge debts less than a near mental breakdown. However, the "naked" raises less than "collection letter disturbance."

Reporter for the China Youth NET, some netizens on Twitter a few days ago broke, saying "a vocational college female students to invest in Hefei for the topless mortgage and forged his father's guarantee, fraud absconded with, has been lost for a week. "This paper is attached to the girl" nude "and other personal information.

Whistle-blowers told the reporter of China Youth NET, at its own expense to do business is less than, is less than the kite flight. But that statement was less than denied.

Less than journalists admitted to the China Youth Network, is her by whistle-blowers, but each other, and he starts is "loan" is not called "business", the other side broke the "topless" designed to forced her to return the money.

It is understood that credit platforms will contact every few days is less than their parents or friends, while some lenders will stick at school release less information, false message groups to your classmates (or even contact her within three months), is more also will open the "bombing machine" 24-hour phone call to her parents.

One day after more than 30 multiple reminder phone but his father to sell debt

"Reminder calls every day on average can take more than 30 more, at least 15 day" is less than the father told the reporter of China Youth NET. At this point, lending platform, and he is trying to communicate, discuss whether the repayment of principal and interest on compensation.

Less than the father nearly 50 years, was a private pilot, wife at the local market charges daughter admitted to University last year, home also has a five-grade son, was simple and happy family life.

However, in order to pay her debts, less than the father began to borrow money, colleagues, neighbors, relatives and friends, he asked again. Because of high interest rates, debt or "snowball" increasing desperation, he decided to stay home in online sale.

"A family decided to sell the House, notes that the economy has collapsed, who would normally sell a house" is less than the father speaks to reporter for the China Youth Network. Him an account, their monthly income of just more than 4,000 yuan, wife over more than 1000 Yuan a month, "compound interest" debt they feel despair.

Less than the father stressed that less than as adults, and indeed at fault in this matter, for a child borrowed money, he will find ways to repay. However, he does not understand is that Chikatoshi many lenders loan rates reached 30%, in manifest violation of, who was the indulgence of these extended campus "black hand"?

It is understood that currently less than came home from school, a psychiatrist has been involved in the treatment of less than.

Broke the news content on the Internet, less than the father admits his daughter forged recognisance, whistle-blowers with daughter had "naked" lending practices, the two sides will resolve related issues through legal channels. (Originally entitled the woman principal of the college loan 300,000 needed 500,000 "nude" is sent to the network)

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Shaanxi fellow exam subject three sudden death witness says he tells people

China business daily, November 6 on November 4, a "three exam after shangzhou district student account, raised his hands excitedly saying, ' I pass ', he fell dead" messages of concern. Soon, the news will max out your circle of friends. On November 4, the reporter from multiple channels to confirm this, the participants get a very nervous during the examination process, collapsed to the ground after the exam, there are doctors and nurses participating in the driving test students rushed to rescue, but ultimately died.

His book online exams, this is the second time taking the subjects three exam Chongqing women doctors by taking poison after

It is entitled "net exposure after shangzhou three pass a student driving test subjects, excitement died down" news caused concern, messages with a tiny screenshot letter and photos of the incident. Pictures show location in shangzhou district, pass the examination room, a man fell to the ground, gathered around a lot of people.

Netizen "dense demon less light for a long time," said, "sadness, I think test test however is not so important, I hope all of us can do is not to pleased, not sad." Netizen "into the hearts of iron" says, "I was there, saw the rescue scene, but could not back, driving test now really difficult, can pass surely exciting, can also have a common heart, emotion cry." According to reports, 3rd 10:20 A.M., dangerous students pony driving school in Longshan of Eastern students, attended the accident after taking three subjects.

The morning of November 5, China business news reporters came to pass the examination room displayed on the photo. Pass the exam subject three waiting rooms, close to a test report form, stated above 3rd C1 driving test day, East Dragon driving school exam number 5, by number 4, by 80%. Subsequently, the reporter learned from the East Dragon driving school, students pony has just signed up this year from the accident, this is their online booking exam subjects this is Ma's second participation in the three tests.

Security staff said he was nervous during the exam, exam also had brief exchanges with people

Pass three examinations examination staff responsible for subjects Zhao Hao witnessed the whole process. He said, "at that time, the students just three test subjects, I saw him clutching his body fell to the ground, quickly stepped forward to be propped up at the pier, told him to rest. When I'm ready to go back to the water, just walk a few steps, the students from Pier to slip down. I ran over and patted him on the back, shouted is there a trainee doctor, and soon a doctor stepped forward to kneel to rescue students and a nurse trainees, to do chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth breathing. At first, students face pale, hands curled up, then face blue with black sweat, looked very painful. After more than 20 minutes, 120 to students taken to hospital for treatment, rescue invalid was killed. "

Pass Exam security officer Hu Yongqiang memories, when the student subjects three exams, he sat in the Copilot, students nervous, constantly sucking air. He did not note that because most of the students during the exam to avoid tension, the students test after trying to get off, he saw the students and others also exchanged a few words to the effect that the three subjects passed for him, long after he found that the students had fainted.

Two students to rescue hopeless, the police has carried out an investigation

The afternoon of November 5, reportedly contacted to participate in the rescue of the Chinese business in luonan County Hospital doctor Ji Ying. He said that the trainees has been unconscious at that time, blue in the face, heart rate and breathing were gone, with no equipment, he and a nurse students quickly gave cardiopulmonary resuscitation, chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, rescue after more than 20 minutes, was not saved. Afterwards, huashang contacted to review but to no avail. Colt introduced a relative, pony, 23, at about 11 o'clock on the day they received the news, rushed to the hospital, children will die, "the child is the only son, was the 10th this month engagement, but joyous occasion became a tragedy, the parents can't stand the fact, fainting several times. "

Why did pony died suddenly? Doctors said further autopsy is needed.

At present, Yang yuhe, Public Security Bureau of shangluo shangzhou branch of police has launched an investigation.  

(Formerly entitled the subjects have just the third, 23-year-old man of sudden death)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Jiujiang police police murder suspect crime bears a grudge against retaliation

October 30, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, killing criminal suspects in Yongxiu County Police in Jiujiang city of Jiangxi province Huang Guifu Xiong Yunshi was arrested. At noon on October 31, Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Gan said in news interviews, case Xiong Yunshi motive for revenge: Xiong Yunshi while in jail and detention center contacted the police, civilian police for his education, so Xiong Yunshi hate the police, revenge. Xiong Yunshi Xiong Zhongfang, Xiong Wen in previous years there have been small and neighbor disputes, Xiong Yunshi lost, so he has a grudge.

Jiujiang police: police murder suspect crime bears a grudge against retaliation for detention of civilian police and neighbors

Civilian police Huang Guifu remains parked in Yongxiu County funeral home. Jiang Gewei surging journalists Sichuan villagers for his birthday were fined

Earlier, surging News reported October 29 11:33 A.M., Yongxiu County Detention Center holding umbrella police Huang Guifu, carrying in his hand a cask of edible oil, move on down the road was followed by Xiong Yunshi poke killing ground. Xiong Yunshi then drove a red "qianjiang" brand motorcycles and fled the scene. Huang Guifu killed about 20 minutes later, Xiong Yunshi returned to Jian Hua Cun sanjiaoxiang home in a hurry after a black Quilted Jacket, Xiong Zhongfang and Xiong Wen and his son stabbed in the neighborhood, riding motorcycle fled again.

Jiujiang police: police murder suspect crime bears a grudge against retaliation for detention of civilian police and neighbors Jiujiang police: police murder suspect crime bears a grudge against retaliation for detention of civilian police and neighbors

Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau official told the suspect to kill police motives.

Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Gan said in news interviews, Xiong Yunshi Street police killed Huang Guifu, also stabbed his neighbor China, Xiong Wen, motive is revenge. After the police proceedings, Xiong Yunshi was sent to jail custody.

Jiujiang police: police murder suspect crime bears a grudge against retaliation for detention of civilian police and neighbors Jiujiang police: police murder suspect crime bears a grudge against retaliation for detention of civilian police and neighbors

Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau official told the suspect stabbed his neighbor's motives.

Gan River just on CCTV News said, according to a preliminary trial contact, Xiong Yunshi eccentric, lazy, idle, it is easy to conflict with others, it's easy to hate. Xiong Yunshi was in jail and detention center contacted the police, civilian police for his education, so Xiong Yunshi hate the police, revenge. In addition, Xiong Yunshi Xiong Zhongfang, Xiong Wen in previous years there have been small and neighbor disputes, Xiong Yunshi lost, so he has a grudge.

Earlier, surging news command center of the Public Security Bureau of Jiujiang city, materials, said Huang Guifu in Yongxiu County detention center of the deceased police, who have not served as Xiong Yunshi directly in jail custody correctional police.

Jiujiang police: police murder suspect crime bears a grudge against retaliation for detention of civilian police and neighbors

Yongxiu County Detention Center. Jiang Gewei surging journalists

Xiong Yunshi's father, Xiong Zhonggan surging told news, Xiong Yunshi 2009 being held in Yongxiu County Detention Center shortly after the injured, lumbar spine bone fracture, seriously.

Yongxiu County people's Court for criminal judgments obtained surging News (2009) mentioned no 64th beginning of eternal punishment, Xiong Yunshi custody have caused fracture of lumbar vertebra bone cut, evidence Xiong Yunshi injured during the 2009 detained in the detention center.

The afternoon of October 31, news in Yongxiu County funeral homes to meet the surging Huang Guifu family members of the deceased. Families said the remains had been placed in Yongxiu County funeral home, feeling painful family declined interviews with reporters.

31st, surging Huang Guifu neighbor to the news that used to be the spark of the deceased (full name "Jiangxi xinghuo organic silicon plant") security staff, restructured to a police station after police, Yongxiu was transferred to the detention center in recent years. "Huang Guifu at other times, well, often helps neighbors carry things with mobility on the first floor. "The neighbor said.

Friday, October 28, 2016

An affordable housing community at a cost of nearly billion could not stay in

An affordable housing community at a cost of nearly billion could not stay in Shaanxi Province, Ministry of housing and send it urgently to Shaanxi

One affordable housing project ground subsidence problem in Shaanxi Province, Fugu, Housing Ministry Web site late-night posts overseeing the matter.

Housing Ministry website on October 29, the morning of October 28, some media reported in Shaanxi Province, Fugu affordable housing project at a cost of millions, foundations sunk 1.2 metres, staying in sight. Housing and urban-rural construction Ministry attaches requirements housing Hall, Yulin city of Shaanxi Province to investigate the treatment to solve the problem as soon as possible to improve living conditions on housing difficulties of low-income families, law and regulations hold responsibility for liability and public survey results in a timely manner.

Meanwhile, Housing Department has formed the Working Group on the matter urgently to grapple in Shaanxi Province.

Previously, app, "Sgt" on October 28, in four years, low-rent in Shaanxi Province, Fugu Niu Jia Gou district experienced foundations sink, cycle repair, sinks again, and then two, at a cost of over 90 million. Still, more than 100 households "tenant" has so far failed to check in.

It is reported that on November 1, 2012, the nets to the people's Government of the 109 towns in our County, Fugu families staying at the first of the low-rent housing as its theme, Liu Yuqin, who was reported at the House ceremony "round the House for many years dream" this joyous event. However, like Liu Yuqin, difficult family members still living in the building, activity room, or basement.

The County for construction of affordable housing projects by central media attention. August 2012, Xinhua news show, "in 2011 in comprehensive evaluation on construction of affordable housing, was named the top ten in Shaanxi Province, Fugu. "

"The House Foundation are too poor. "The Manager in charge of the project said the District 7 building there are a lot of Foundation subsidence problems. 4th floor, is the most serious of these, sank 1.2 meters. Left and right at the base of the 2nd floor level up to 40 centimeters at the base. Beijing has been bitten by a tiger female voice

Zhang, a Professor of civil engineering at Tsinghua University about the housing situation, said after the foundations sunk 1.2 metres, means that a layer of half of the already sinking into the ground. Under normal circumstances, around point level should be zero, a difference of 40 cm, tips are visible to the naked eye. The situation is very serious, but whether the House is dangerous, will fall through field observation to determine.

People familiar with the matter said, as of now, low-rent financial total for the Niu Jia Gou community spent more than 90 million Yuan.

According to the report, engineers, Fugu County housing officials say the community works to advance slowly.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Shandong heze a building under construction collapsed official 4 dead 8 injured

Shandong heze a building under construction collapsed, official: 4 dead, 8 injured, police investigations

The wounded was taken to an ambulance. Tourists to casualties caused by Siberian Tiger

A Netizen in the "Shan" post, October 24, heze of Shandong Xie Xiang Bai Zhai village in a building under construction suddenly collapsed, there are casualties. The evening of 24th shanxian County party Committee propaganda Department staff to the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN) confirm this, the staff member said that the accident was under investigation, casualties are not clear, results will be made public.

25th, heze city people's Government official website reported the matter, 24th at 16 o'clock, heze Xie JI Zhen white-walled villages villagers in building houses, suddenly collapsed, killing 12 people, injuring. After the incident, heze city departments and the surrounding people to rescue them, and the injured to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Shandong heze a building under construction collapsed, official: 4 dead, 8 injured, police investigations

Heze city Vice Mayor wangzhong wanted to visit the wounded.

Inform, as at 24th, at 23 o'clock, 4 people died, 1 seriously is in full swing in the treatment, and the remaining 7 were lighter injuries, hospital treatment. At present, heze City police have been investigating the cause of the accident, rehabilitation work is under way.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

United States election Trump would not admit defeat United States transfer of

United States election δΈ¨ Trump would not

Local time on October 19, United States Las Vegas, 2016 United States presidential elections and last debate third debate in the United States, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. China Visual

Local time on October 19 at 9 o'clock in the evening (October 20, at 9 o'clock in the morning Beijing time), and United States presidential election the third televised debate at the University of Nevada Las Vegas came to an end. Clinton and Donald Trump in this 90-minute "the ultimate debate", the Supreme Court, gun control, immigration, economic policy issues, foreign policy issues of the last direct confrontation.

Since the second debate since the end of media women of sexual harassment charges, makes Trump campaign has repeatedly frustrated, not only lags behind Clinton in the polls, but a number of Republican bigwigs and "political gold" have claimed that the Trump is no longer supported. Public opinion generally believes that might be his third debate in less than 20 days to go before election day last chance to change around.

A "crafty", a "candid" debate is not new

The third televised debate who is better? Shanghai International Studies University, Professor Wang Lianhe surging told News (www.thepaper.CN): "the debate followed a regular routine again, Clinton and Donald Trump's show is of one's own image and then added. Hillary ' wily ' images of politicians, Trump ' outspoken ' features are once again thoroughly. With an outsider's point of view, has no fresh ideas in the debate or confrontation of ideas. "

After the end of the debate, the New York Times reported that the debate still intimate at first, but soon becomes a dig at each other. 19th story in the Los Angeles Times said the debate soon became "angry flood full of sarcasm and insults."

Fudan University, United States Research Center Associate Professor Wang Xiaofeng is surging on the news (www.thepaper.CN) expressed a different view, he thinks Hillary Rodham Clinton performed better in this debate, "(the debate) showed her depth of experience and thinking Trump personal views rather than just repeated statements solution also less confident in demeanor, appears less confident. "

Half an hour after the debate ended, CNN released polling data that, Hillary won the final debate--52% who think Hillary won the debate and think Trump won only 39%.

Website to trump the third debate of the politicians much ridicule, "there are two candidates on Wednesday night's debate, both people who want to ruin Donald Trump's presidential campaign. " Hebei University of gene editing Center procurement

Trump would not "give up" the smooth handover of power?

Worth noting is that on September 26, the first debate nears its end, when trump in response to moderator how opponent's question, said: "I will accept and fully support Clinton's leadership. "On October 19, when faced with the same problem again, Trump's answer is the" look ", which has attracted United States power and doubts of its political system.

Trump on whether or not to accept the election results stand, and brought the United States widespread media criticism, almost all the media will "trump refused to declare whether or not to accept the election results" news on the Web site headline.

Reports quoted the Washington Post debate moderator Wallace as saying that this is contrary to history than ever before in this country. Trump accused of election fraud, the Washington Post said it was "the most explosive allegations".

The New York Times reported that Trump's announcement "seems to make it to the United States was suspicious of democracy."

United Kingdom evaluation reports of Trump, the guardian said, "it makes him look mean, mean-spirited and full of intrigue. "

"If Hillary wins advantages, peaceful transfer of power. "Kings United points out that" If the two sides little difference, even 2000 years of George Bush and Al Gore. Trump will undoubtedly result in a judicial challenge. "

Wang Xiaofeng believes that facilitator, raise the issue of how to accept the opponent, likely to Trump a chance. "Trump campaign has encouraged supporters to vote the day before to challenge the electoral process, the challenges to the program may give voters a bad impression. Moderator may want to Trump took the opportunity to clarify the facts, said respect for the electoral process. "Wang Xiaofeng believes that trump the answer to this question adverse to him, even his supporters will not necessarily continue to support he denied the election mechanism.

As to whether transition smoothly, Wang Xiaofeng, said United States has established a sound mechanism in previous elections, should be able to avoid conflict, "he (Trump) does not have sufficient resources and capacity to real trouble. "

The general situation was settled, and there are variables?

Wang Xiaofeng thinks, now Hillary has locked up her base, and held the debate swing state of Nevada, from the current poll, Hillary Clinton, weak lead. Qualifications to be President, United States voters can judge, Hillary, policies and debate performances were better suited by experience, is more likely to the United States there are solutions to the issues raised, and put the United States out of the current adverse situation.

King represented, United States many of the polls and even some domestic experts have pointed out that Clinton lead in varying degrees, but it is still hard to say Clinton has to win.

"Do polls of scientificity and objectivity by the media or institutions, are still to be investigated. "The King represented," even by Clinton's leading 5.5% of the vote data, still within a reasonable range of error, Trump has completely reversed. Worth noting is that United States media in this election is really unfair, there is less resentment against Trump. "

Currently about 20 days before the election result, two candidates campaign focusing on the future, King represented, "programme of the Interior of the core is still made to impress voters, neither of us will try our so-called ' swing States ' voters. Will also try to attack each other's weaknesses. In this one, Wikileaks also plays a major uncertainty factor. "Wang Xiaofeng also expressed similar views.

United States media yutelangpu's electoral prospects are not promising. 19th story the Washington Post believes that this debate is unlikely to change the election track, which would make trump in a dangerous situation. Reports in the Wall Street Journal said Trump once again against Hillary Clinton returned to his boxing style, but it seems that will not change the election situation.

The New York Times said: "this debate does not feel like the debate between two evenly matched opponents, but a declining candidates – Mr Trump – in an attempt to save himself. "

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Left junior high school student in Hunan province to Guangzhou to find aunt

Hengyang, Hunan Hengyang police on October 16 country secondary school grade nine class 1403 Liu Zidong release announcement, the 15-year old boy from the evening of October 12 lost, families looking to no avail. Police investigations found Liu Zidong on October 12 to buy a train ticket to Guangzhou. @ Notices issued by the Hengyang Public Security Bureau said Liu Zidong allegedly cheated to work illicitly in Guangdong found alarming.

Left junior high school student in Hunan province to Guangzhou to find

Search notices issued by the police.

Liu Zidong Liu Xumei told the mother of the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), Liu Zidong was the eldest son, couples usually working in Beijing, Liu Zidong boarding school in grade three. October 12, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon about 50, she met Liu Zidong home the national day vacation. Liu Zidong told her that school to do "home card", need to go home and take ID card, she then give his son his ID card. That son meal card after only 80 Yuan, she took more than more than 200 dollars to his son. Get money after Liu Zidong declined to stay for dinner and left home in a hurry.

Liu Xumei said, her 13th with the school telephone said her son didn't come to school in Hengyang City looked after, 13th at 9 o'clock, and reported to the police.

Police verified through technical means, Hengyang, Liu Zidong on October 12 to buy a 10:12 train K9093 from Hengyang to Guangzhou, bought a seat at first, later changed to hard. Police Notices showed that Liu Zidong left home wearing a dark blue coat, light grey long sleeve t-shirt, wear light blue jeans, wearing a pair of black loafers, 15 years old, 168 cm.

Liu Zidong surging teacher Hu Lingli told the news, the school does not require "the home card" until the morning of 13th inventory found Liu Zidong disappeared when the class size, immediately informed their parents. Smart Hu said Liu Zidong 12th home does not leave to the school, he could be through the side door or wall out of University. According to school regulations, schools restricted vehicle access, passers-by through the side door. After Liu Zidong lost and whose parents had obtained surveillance video of a side door and did not find there was Liu Zidong after.

Left junior high school student in Hunan province to Guangzhou to find

Lost children.

In the eyes of Liu Lingli, Liu Zidong more introverted personality, a moderate grades in the class, honest, likes to play computer games. Hu learned wisdom from Liu Zidong table, before Liu Zidong lost, who brought his two food cards to the table and to the table that he had an aunt in Guangzhou, want to go to Guangzhou to work.

Wise mouth from classmates had learned that Hu, Liu Zidong schools spend a lot of money when buying a game gear, two of his favorite game is "League of legends" and "Crossfire". After discovering Liu Zidong lost, Hu had contacted Liu Zidong clever "school work" phone, but couldn't get through. After the incident, she had students in the Internet query Liu Zidong game account with QQ account login information, but does not have any records. "School work" original 98 dollars in bills are gone, still owe 125 dollars. Working grandfather revisited 40 high temperature

Liu Xumei surging told news, Liu Zidong in Guangzhou, there is no "Auntie". At present, looking for Liu Zidong Liu Xumei Guangzhou together with the police and his family, hope insiders call the police, or call: 18611427989,13718658971.